DesignMarch 2016 | Fashion Showroom

Things went a little differently for the fashion segment of DesignMarch this year, but we loved it every bit as much! As various talented & blossoming designers sough to create their own stage of visualising their latest collections, it became intriguing to see where their voices would take them and last night it took us to the fashion forward “Reykjavik Showroom”.

Featuring all in all 7 designers with different aesthetics, visions and inspirations. Some of these we have been longing to see for a while now and we’re ever so excited & grateful to get them all under one roof. Icelandic fashion designers you have done it again with your minimal resources yet abundant of creative force – such cutting edge collections and techniques.



This young yet experienced designer, Sif Baldursdóttir, showcased her immense flare for precision, technique and simplistic cool with her minimal AW16/17 collection. Featuring a stand-out white dress cut to perfection and black delicate pieces added with a modern take on the classic Spring must haves. I have decided I might need them all.
IMG_4939IMG_4987 IMG_4943IMG_4990


I need not say more than Eygló being the master of quirky prints & soulful colours, I was beyond surprised by her ability to transform the macabre & at times sinister into humorous fashion statements. The fabrics used gave a futuristic vibe as well as being flattering to any woman’s form leaving them with a sophisticated coolness.


Another – Creation

Another – Creation lies in the name of creating luxurious multifunctional yet characteristic clothing with stunning art-deco prints, golden details & silky shades. The creative designers behind the brand, flourish in creating unique, sustainable & quality designs that ooze nostalgic confidence.



Designer, Helga Lilja, presents her latest collection in the most dreamlike manner with stunning textures, sexy cuts and empowering shapes. The cotton knits and abstract dresses in particular are a vision of elegance & freshness, very welcome in a time of “normcore” & Scandinavian minimalism.


Milla Snorrason

Fashion brand, Milla Snorrason, embodies individuality & attitude. With stunning lines, printed silks and 70’ese cool the designer, Hilda Gunnarsdóttir, effortlessly steps onto the Icelandic fashion scene as a force. The classic colour pallet defines the designs’ longevity & diversity for the urban-chic woman.


Anita Hirlekar

Synonym to ‘Avant-Garde’, Anita Hirlekar, has a playful and intriguing approach to design. With complex textural architecture and insightful details, all of the pieces represent a certain equality making for a memorable & bold collection. With stand-out strikes of colour and patters, this fashion brand is indeed heading for the “universal” stars.



Another industry favourite, the ever blossoming Magnea Einarsdóttir, has time and time again proven herself beyond skilful when it comes to powerful knits and upscaling traditional wear with innovative techniques and cool silhouettes. Magnea’s AW16 collection is a heaven of bold colours, soft knits & visually stunning textures. We need them all for the Icelandic Winther & to achieve the “New Nordic Cool”.



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Photography by Marta Káradóttir