DesignMarch 2016 | Day 4

Kiosk is a beautiful shop filled with local Icelandic fashion design and on Saturday, the store presented a photography exhibition featuring new images of garmets from the most recent lines of the store’s designers, including EYGLÓ, Helicopter, Hildur Yeoman, Milla Snorrason, Sigga Maija, Kyrja, Kristjana S Williams and MAGNEA. ALSO – Kiosk offered guests to partake in a raffle with awesome prizes from the designers of the store. I am talking 10+ prizes. REAL prizes. Unfortunately no winning ticket for me – but I’ll just stop by and buy myself a prize. A great warm-up for the Magnea show the same evening.

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MAGNEA introduced her new AW16 collection Saturday evening and offered guests a unique experience at the Dance Atelier in downtown Reykjavík. The new line is consistent with the designer’s previous work where a fresh approach to knitting and Icelandic wool takes center stage. I loved the deep-red and mustard-yellow colors – a great way to pop up the black wardrobe of most Icelanders. The patterns in the line are made in collaboration with Laufey Jónsdóttir, fashion designer and artist, who also made the installation with ISTEXT. The models, provided by Eskimo, were stoic, raw and Icelandic with MAC cosmetics in charge of make-up. I was loving the dark lip with the otherwise minimal makeup and light skin. Music was provided by Kanilsnældur – two young women who added to the gritty ambience of the evening.12168922_10108238068960581_235905072_o 12325891_10108238068012481_477772854_o 12380638_10108238071345801_1133519720_o 12380909_10108238069993511_1639234098_o 12443731_10108238070213071_265262094_o 12476985_10108238099110161_722394965_o 12528280_10108238070367761_2047047607_o 12528712_10108238068326851_1262485286_o 12722281_10108238069135231_1919457609_o 12722412_10108238099544291_659749307_o 12751987_10108238067418671_2116534275_o 12767883_10108238069394711_556734193_o 12809903_10108238068521461_1382060569_o 12823127_10108238067772961_878157511_o 12837199_10108238069544411_519469343_o 12837752_10108238070911671_1143692565_o 12842593_10108238069763971_174193829_o



The evening ended at Hlemmur – the bus station that is being transformed into a farmer’s market this summer. It was a bit like entering a High School homecoming, nostalgic, cute and fun.


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Photography by Kristjana G. Kristjánsson

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