DesignMarch 2016 | Day 3

On Friday the NSM team ventured again out in the storming cold to get their daily dose of DesignMarch. Even if all kinds of weather forecasts seemed to purpose a “let’s snuggle up inside with hot chocolate” vibe….We decided, screw that! WE GOT THIS. We’re vikings after all.

Also because there were just too many openings that were too good to miss, so our team sacrificed good mascara and hairdos so you could get all the best bits here!

 Day 3 – March 11th / Friday

Or Type is the first and only type foundry in Iceland, founded in DesignMarch 2013 to publish typefaces designed by GUNMAD (Guðmundur Úlfarsson and Mads Freund Brunse). NordicStyleMag checked out the Or Type Reading room exhibition in Mengi yesterday, so it was fun to see the font-maker showing off his skills with the popular Icelandic label 66° NORTH. Guðmundur and Mads from Or Type were in attendance and Bix from ATMO Select was in charge of the music – or morse code tones – for the exhibition.

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One half of the graphic design duo, GUNMAD, Guðmundur Ingi Úlfarsson (IS). 12837681_10108232712060851_1037416767_o12837737_10108232712240491_978806160_o 12837757_10108232712325321_1258531302_oIMG_5002 IMG_5011

Demba by Sunneva – Unconventional clothing made from waterproof shearling and waxy materials, specially designed for Icelandic conditions. Which basically means they keep you warm all year around – come snow, hail, frost or windstorm. The shearling coats added fun touches of yellow colored fur and Icelandic patterned wool to make them both luxurious and trendy. They fit right in with Gotta’s designer studs.

IMG_5017 IMG_5018 IMG_5033 IMG_5035

The passionate designer, Sunneva.
IMG_502512422148_10108232745438961_971426327_o 12516927_10108232745189461_255918953_o12842525_10108232745668501_1494624175_o

The So By Sonja team contemplated the concept of time, its relation to everything and nothing. The result was the artwork, “Untitled”. It consists of a circle container filled with sand that is released slowly onto the floor through a small opening – with the released sand representing “the past”, the empty space representing “the now” and the black remaining sand representing “what can be.” The work has evolved into a prototype of a clock showing the time in an unconventional way – and very fashionable way.

IMG_5036IMG_5037 IMG_504212842425_10108232767120511_1365865286_oIMG_5048

“For after all what is time nothing in relation to infinity all in relation to nothing central point between nothing and all”IMG_504512016265_10108232767614521_1295823423_o

CATACOMB // ORRIFINN JEWELS – The cultural heritage from the Incas in Peru and the Maya and Aztec in Mexico were the inspiration for Orri and Helga at Orrifinn Jewels. Last summer they traveled both countries, exploring ancient ruins, temples and catacombs, which fired their imaginations and influenced this new piece. Orri and Helga see DesignMarch as an opportunity to step outside of their jewelry-making-zone and create something bigger. As the name suggests, the piece is made up of small skeleton-shaped pieces. It is harrowing and sinister but alluring and beautiful. The small store located in a cellar added greatly to the feel of the exhibition.

12421988_10108232798402821_144423487_o12050851_10108232798762101_1077302744_o 12776864_10108232799301021_2141189241_o12788803_10108232799780061_856874232_o

“Death is the only pure, beautiful conclusion of a great passion.”David Herbert Lawrence

Our team will be covering DesignMarch 2016 extensively, so if you happen to be in Iceland then we urge you to attend the festival and if not then we’ll keep you updated here and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Photography by Marta Káradóttir

Words & photography by Kristjana G. Kristjánsson

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