DesignMarch 2016 | Day 2

The DesignMarch openings have been just as hectic as we expected with lots of lovely faces & intriguing exhibitions. Thursday started of fresh (with lot’s of coffee) heading to this years DesignTalks to get the latest intel from the pragmatic and forward thinkers in the design industry. As well as attending the official DesignMarch Opening Ceremony our writers were scattered around Downtown Reykjavik to come up with Thursday’s top picks and boy are they good!!

 Day 2 – March 10th / Thursday


Held at the stunning Reykjavik Art Museum, the official DesignMarch Opening was set by the Icelandic Design Centre and it was a great creative success. A massive crowd gathering to share ideas, passions & inspirational concepts of design. Also how yummy were those fruit beers?!! 

Our lovely blogger, stylish & makeup artist, Sigrun Ásta Jorgensen, enjoying “Into the Blue” by Design by Gróa12168921_10108228139768761_557959622_o

Cool asymmetric mirrors on display by Dögg Design12837671_10108228116415561_2038477177_o

Kjartan Oskarsson Studio shows the HALO mirror and light, which won product of the year at Grapevine Design Awards 2016.


Our Editor, Marta Káradóttir, at Hverfisgallerí baby-multitasking & enjoying DesignMarch.

“Or Type Reading room + Video hailstorm (VHS)” was a exhibition displayed at performance space Mengi, in a creative bid to present Or Type‘s new typeface; L15. The reading room featured a VHS’smart installation by Atli Bollason, where fluctuating video filters presented a impressive surface structured with great detail.      


“Ambient Thoughts” – A collaborative piece between Or Type and Finnish designer Sebastian Jansson.

12325636_10108228201380291_201214761_oAs we headed down to street-smart store Hurra Reykjavik, a laid-back mix of cool cats were gathered inside to check out “Sturla Aqua” the second leg of artist Siggi Odds’ collaboration with local hip-hop group Sturla Atlas.  With 90’s cuts and clean sporty vibes the wearable merc designed by, Siggi Odds and Gabríel B. Bachmann, was elevated to badass’ness through displayed photographs of the group members shot by Kjartan Hreisson.
12675023_10108228190018061_234746678_o 12773260_10108228189918261_823000748_o12837231_10108228189524051_2072770701_o

“Weaving DNA” is a collaborative work by Icelandic product designer Hanna Dís Whitehead and Scottish textile designer Claire Anderson. The exhibit hiding colour features Reykjavik-inspired color combinations hidden within traditional Scottish textile patterns, which the designers created in collaboration with Knockando Woolmill. The textile, or adult dollhouse, that stretches out into the show space is named Mt. Esja; after the mountain across the bay from Reykjavik.

12477001_10108228170517141_1578887326_o (1)

Siggi Odds, in collaboration with Reykjavik Sign Painters and NORR11, unveiled an outdoor piece in the cul-de-sac next to NORR11 at Hverfisgata 18a – an awesome graffiti GREYKJAVIK sign featuring Reykjavík´s Hallgrímskirkja. Graffiti street style meets hipster creates quite an interesting crowd and cool art.


My favourite Icelandic clothing store and winner of fashion design of the year at last weeks Grapevine Design Awards, GEYSIR, exhibited the jewellery collection Silfra by ALVARA design studio.

ALVARA is a new design studio where fashion designer Elísabet Karlsdóttir (Grapevine’s “Look forward to see more” winner) and product designer Ágústa Sveinsdóttir collaborate to design accessories using leather and fur, but the jewellery collection Silfra is the first project of their making.

12837140_10108228206554921_104705071_o12837162_10108228206539951_15151880_o 12837182_10108228206375281_1081553196_o

The jewellery line is raw and unconventional, originating from a study of the interaction between water and silver. The silver is cast into water and becomes the mold (instead of the conventional manmade mold) resulting in an array of natural shapes and allowing organic colours to emerge on the surface of the silver – allowing nature to prevail. Cool shit AND pretty.

Our team will be covering DesignMarch 2016 extensively, so if you happen to be in Iceland then we urge you to attend the festival and if not then we’ll keep you updated here and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Photography by Kristjana G. Kristjánsson

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