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Sif Baldursdóttir is a young designer based in the heart of Reykjavík, she is one of my favourite designers in Reykjavík, Iceland. She has made a wave of beautiful clothing for Icelandic women now for couple of years and always brings fresh new looks that compliments every type of woman.

Tell me a little bit about KYRJA.
KYRJA was founded in 2012 but only really got started in March 2013. I am the only designer and I do all the pattern construction at the moment, but hopefully soon that will change. I would love to be a part of a team, it can get a bit tiring doing everything yourself after a while! Kyrja is available at Kiosk on Laugavegur 65 in downtown Reykjavík and also online.

Where do you get your inspiration for your design.
I get my inspiration from everywhere and nowhere, just ordinary daily life really.

Where did you get your training | Schooling.
I studied at Istituto Marangoni in Milan, where I graduated in 2010. It’s a very strict school which focuses on the technical side of fashion design which suited me very well. During my last semester at school I interned for the Italian brand Vivetta which was amazing and taught me a lot about the industry. I then moved to London where I interned for the menswear brand Agi & Sam before finally returning to Reykjavík in late 2011.

What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer.
Just the fact that I get to work doing what I love the most is an amazing thing for which I am endlessly grateful!

Whose your most influential fashion designer.
I’m a big fan of MAGNEA, the Icelandic knitwear brand! Other than that my favourites are mainly black avant garde brands like Ann Demeulemeester and Barbara I Gongini, and also Scandinavian minimal brands like Acne and Whyred.

Why did you decide to become a fashion designer. Has it always been your calling.
When I see a beautiful or interesting garment my brain instantly starts analysing everything about it, what fabric is used, how it’s constructed, the finishings and so on… I can’t help it, I just think clothes are the most fascinating objects! Also I think it is a beautiful thing to design something that someone will eventually wear on their body, it’s a strangely intimate thing if you think about it.

whats the most challenging part of being a fashion designer in Iceland.
The market is minuscule, obviously, which can be hard when it comes to sales, but there is also a certain freedom here. I prefer to focus on the positive points, like the fact that studio spaces are generally much cheaper here than in other European countries and the general vibe in the design scene is friendly and sincere. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

What are your plans for the future.
I will be exhibiting my AW16/17 collection at DesignMarch here in Reykjavík and once that is done I will start working on my SS17 collection straight away. I plan to exhibit it at a trade show in Copenhagen during fashion week there in August and after that with a new collection every season.

Does your work reflect your personal fashion taste?? Can you describe your style.
In my work I tend to lean heavily towards minimalism and the colour black, which is very much like
me in my personal style. However in real life I’m even more for all-black outfits that in my work! It rarely happens that I wear any other colour, except for maybe my underwear.

Kyrja is available at Kiosk on Laugavegur 65 in downtown Reykjavík and also online. If you are in downtown Reykjavík, be sure to check it out! There are many, very talented designers in Kiosk that always amaze me with every clothing line they make every, single year.

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