Goofy Outfit Shoot

Busy day, busy day.

Haha, today I met Martina to take some outfit pictures. We had the best time! I laughed so hard, so many times that my body cramped.

This is only sneak peek of what I wore. I just really wanted to show you guys what it can look like when you’re hanging out with Marticraycray. One minute your dead serious, posing as if Tyra Banks is looking at you, and the next – rolling on the ground laughing. I think we took around 200 images and not even half are useful because of silly faces and dance moves.

All we wanted was some pictures of the two of us together, so after a little battling the timer this is what we got: cropped legs and feet + happy memories.

outfit featurette featured jonas martina

Stay tuned for this spring outfit!