Garage Fashion

Yo! Wazaaa? You ready for some garage fashion?

I’ve had a such great and productive Wednesday, and it’s not even over yet.

This morning I had a seminar at school which was a lot of fun. I think this new course, Global Consumer Society, is going to be really interesting. Today, we were basically just discussing a group project we’re about to start working on and my team decided to analyze a campaign by Jack & Jones from 2011 (which was incredibly sexist and nasty).

After that I hurried home to grab some lunch before I met Martina for a coffee. I’ve said it before but I must say it again – she is just an amazing, joy-spreading little cutie pie. We managed to sneak into an underground garage to snap a couple of photos and now I’m back home, getting ready for H&M’s launch event for their Studio SS16 collection.

garage fashion jonas garage fashion

Coat – Vintage / Beanie – Vintage / Glasses – Vintage / T-shirt – H&M / Pants – H&M

Btw, what do you think of glasses as an accessory? Not because you need them, just non-prescription glasses.. Two of my friends talked about it the other day and they both hate it. So, as the little rebel I am, I wore these the day after.