Friday Fever: February Round-Up

It’s been a while since the last music round-up was shared with you, featuring our favorite new Nordic tunes. A lot has been happening during the first few months of 2016 and we will share with you the best of February. 

Nive and The Deer Children

Nive Nielsen, the creator of the genre inu-indie (Inuit indie), is now releasing a new album called Feet First, including adventurous lyrics. Her ukulele and Greenlandic culture has won an Independent Music Award and she preformed in front of Queen Margrethe of Denmark. She is based in a Nuuk, Greenland, however, she traveled up to the northern town of Uummannaq to film her videos “Are You Ready” and “Tuluqaq.”

“I think it has been an incredible experience to travel while I was doing this album. If you are constantly changing environment and don’t stay in one place, you will constantly change mindset and get new ideas. I wanted the songs to grow along with me on my travels.”

Niki & The Dove


The Gothenburg-based electric duo Niki & the Dove have come out with a new single – So Much It Hurts. This is one of the first songs written for their upcoming album entitled Everbody’s Heart is Broken Now, which will be released in April. The band is famous for their dance and somewhat dark electropop combined with retro sounds, and for their new album they experimented with vintage synths and collaborated with Alain Braxe (from Stardust.)

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Dirty Old Town

Take Me Easy Out of Here is the name of Dirty Old Town’s 2nd single from their sophomore album – Beauty and Truth. Morten Christensen is the man behind the band who has been playing sold out shows around Denmark says that “it is a song born from desperation and it was written in a period of my life where I was searching for a new direction in my life. A time where I had constant thoughts and dreams of a better life.”


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