CPHFW – Peter Schamaun AW16

Located in the city library Norwegian designer Peter Schamaun presented his debut show at Copenhagen Fashion Week. The show, which was a prolonged version of his final collection during his time at Antwerp Fashion Acadamy, aimed to explore the theme of what happens when we wait. Entitled “a lecture of an incompetent” the show looked at the art of everyday human life, repetition and the mundaneness of corporate culture as was shown through performance artists that mimicked each other, walked around looking lost and confused until the show started. Peter Schamaun’s break from “reality” sparked the performers creative side as they followed the models around the runway intrigued by the colours, bright prints and differences to their own look.

The clothing showed a variety of looks from structured tailoring, casual shirting and wide leg pants to more conceptual designs full of colour and asymmetric cuts. The playful elements of the classic tailoring came across in the designers take on a classic business grey pinstripe suit with a picture print that drew our minds to a visualised version of a day dream which is an all to common guilty pleasure. The colours again highlighted the contrast between the two worlds and the creative side was full of surprises showed the intended escape and what happens during the act of waiting.

At times the performance artists became a bit much and distracted the focus away from the clothing. However, the design was good and the multicolour jacket with a pale watercolour look was a standout from what was a solid debut for a designer with a lot of potential.

peter_schamaum001 peter_schamaum025 peter_schamaum002 peter_schamaum028 peter_schamaum018 peter_schamaum022peter_schamaum005 peter_schamaum006 peter_schamaum009 peter_schamaum010

Photos via CPHFW