CPHFW – Henrik Vibskov AW16

Henrik Vibskov is known for his eccentric shows and innovative scenery. This Autumn/ Winter 2016 collection is no exception. At City Hall we entered his created universe called “The Jaw Nuts Piece” and soon after the show started you understood why. Decorating the whole middle alley of the runway there was a construction of peanut shaped doll heads. The heads where painted in a way that gave associations of a mix between voodoo dolls and freak shows clowns. To top it of the jaws of the heads where clinching to the beat of the music.

The collection was characterized by oversized, graphic pieces. Big squared jackets and coats were a reappearing theme. Both in construction and pattern the collection had an architecture vibe to it with a hint of oriental aspects. Last year, Vibskov took us on a desert exhibition, this year we ended up in Asia. Kimono-like coats in wool for both men and women and the pants remind you of the traditional Japanese hakams pants. The exquisite tailoring could be seen in each look, subtile details bringing the pieces to the next level. Wooden accessories in form of headbands, shoe covers and bags also added to the rustic asian feeling of the collection.

The color palette went from earthy calm, to a color chaos found at a freak show circus, finishing with three beautiful pieces, combining pink, moss green and grey. Vibskov although managed to create a cohesive collection that can be seen as both urban calm and artistically imaginative.










Image courtesy of Copenhagen Fashion Week