CPHFW 2016 – Friday Street Style

The weather was good the first two days at Copenhagen Fashion Week, sun and almost no rain at all. The last day it rained a bit and it was quite cold but this didn’t keep the people away from the streets and from the shows where we found unique street styles to shoot. Copenhagen Fashion Week this year was great fun and people seemed very happy.


Frederik infront of Peter Schamaun


Oliver gliese after Federico D’angelo.

Which show did you like the best so far?
I liked the middle collection at the Fashion HongKong show so far, it was really cool with a lot of statement wear.


Viktoria Moller after Federico D’angelo.

What part of your outfit do you like the best?
I would say my jacket, because it’s like a statement piece and has been my favorite for a few years now. But also my pants has become a new favorite in my wardrobe, they are simple but with some flare. Just how I like it.


Frederik Lund Lyreskov after Nicholas Nybro.

What have you been looking forward to for this CPHFW?
The thing I have been looking forward to this Fashionweek was Asger Juel Larsen.


Lærke Koldskov after Nicholas Nybro.

Whats your favorite item in your wardrobe?
At this moment I’m really happy about these earrings that I’m wearing today. They are some Mexican skulls I got in a Christmas present.

Hvidt Farvettaske

Luisa Traina before Designers Nest

– Photography by 

Victoria Vogel Salomonsen

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