Copenhagen Architecture Festival: 6 Movies You Should See

Copenhagen Architecture Festival is returning with its third and the most ambitious programme so far. With more than 150 events in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Alborg the festival will explore the field of architecture through film screenings, exhibitions, lectures, debates, walks, talks and conferences. Backed up by names such as Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Danish Architecture Centre and architecture schools in Copenhagen and Aarhus, the festival will offer a solid selection of happenings for the architecture and movie-curious. The festival is running from the 10th – 20th of March and here are our top picks for the week:

Concrete Love

Grand Theatre, Wednesday, March 9 at 19.00 (opening night)
Grand Theatre, Friday, March 11 at 16.40
Cinemateket, Wednesday, March 16 at 21.15

This year’s opening film the Danish premiere of ‘Concrete Love’ follows a 95-year-old German architect and Pritzker Prize winner Gottfried Böhm as well as his architecture-fanatic family. The screening is followed by a talk with the cinematographer and architect Paul Böhm, the son of Gottfried Böhm.

Gottfried Böhm



Route 6A, SAB Selskabslokale, 2700 Brønshøj, Tingbjerg., Saturday, March 12 at 15.30.

Listen to the stories of three ’children of the ghetto’ about growing up on the margins of the city and watch Per Fly’s film ’The Bench’, which portrays the grim social reality of marginalised poverty-stricken communities.
Morten Pape reads from his debut novel about his birthplace Urbanplanen and discusses social stereotypes with Copenhagen’s social mayor Jesper Christensen, who was born and is still based in Tingbjerg, and the artist Johannes Sivertsen who spent his early days in the Parisian suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois. The conversation is moderated by art historian Signe Sophie Bøggild.


Making Space: 5 Women Changing The Face Of Architecture

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Sunday the 13th of March at 15.00

Architecture is still very much a men’s game. Women didn’t enter architecture in significant numbers until 20-30 years ago, it’s only now that we are beginning to see women reach the peak of their careers and the impact it has on the industry. The movie explores topics such as feminism, finding work-life balance and creativity.

Big Time

(To be released in 2016)
Cinemateket, Tuesday, March 15 at 16.30

Your chance to experience history in the making as Kaspar Astrup Schröder presents his current work – a portrait of Bjarke Ingels, a legendary danish architect leading an international practice with offices in Copenhagen and New York. The ‘Big Time’ follows Bjarke over a period of seven years from the publication of his manifesto ‘Yes is More’ when he was still based in Copenhagen through to the opening of his most comprehensive and pioneering work, the project W57 in Manhattan. Director Kaspar Astrup Schröder will introduce the film and tell about the filmmaking process and discovery of similarities between filmmakers and architects.

Copenhagen Architecture Week

The Land of Many Places

DAC, Sunday, March 20 at 11:00

Visit the city of Ordos, China’s biggest ghost town in Inner Mongolia, where clusters of concrete mega buildings have been standing empty and unused for years. The film is introduced by the directors Ting Song and Adam Smith. Both will join the talk with Niels Bjørn after the screening.

Last Exit Alexanderplatz

GLORIA, Sunday, March 20 at 15.30

A few years after the fall of the wall, the city of Berlin took the first steps towards a complete transformation. One of the most ambitious plans was Hans Kollhoff’s proposal to create a Manhattan-like business district at Alexanderplatz. The project, however, experienced public backlash and still remains incomplete. Film director Hans Christian Post is presenting his film.

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