Nordic News – week 4

With a new month starting in just a day from now and a new fashion week season approaching there’s no better time to get caught up with the weekly Nordic News. 

-One of the song’s (Love On The Brain) from Rihanna’s new album Anti is produced by a Norwegian named Fredrik William Ball.

-“The Return of Cozy” was this year’s theme at Oslo Design Fair  filled with green plants, plush textiles, and good quality.

-Inspired by the American show IVY League, Henriette Pieszaks is launching the new denim brand IVY Copenhagen at Copenhagen Fashion Week with Vendela Bundy as the face of the brand.

-Fashion designer Mark Kenly Domino Tan has worked together with the Danish- Israeli jewelry designer Orit Elhanatis to bring his collection “Stranger” alive on the catwalk in his own fashion show.

-The House of Dagmar show at Stockholm Fashion Week is yet another show that will be streamed live next week! Take this chance and sit first row in your own home.

ShareWear is an initiative from VisitSweden and the Swedish Institute where one can borrow clothes from brands like Fillipa K. House of Dagmar, Weekday, and Whyred. The point behind the concept is to decrease the alarming waste of textiles each year.

-Check out Acne Studios Fall/ Winter 2016 collection which was inspired by Jonny Johansson’s nine months serving in the Swedish military service when he was younger.

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