Northmodern: 5 Tips to Take Your Trade Show Game to the Next Level

This January saw the return of, ever popular, Northmodern. This time it transformed Bella Centre into an energetic hub for design professionals, buyers, architects and enthusiasts. I was excited to be back in Copenhagen and keen to check out the new design talent from all over Scandinavia.

By no means would I consider myself an industry expert, but after visiting Northmodern and other trade shows over the years I feel like there are a few life hacks that could make your experience in an event of similar calibre even more enjoyable.


This is crucial, especially if you’re heading to Copenhagen in winter. Below zero temperature is a common occurrence, so it’s important you dress accordingly, unless you don’t mind dealing with pneumonia, of course. Pack a jumper or two, pull out those winter shoes kicking around in the back of your shoe closet and don’t be too proud to put on a pair of gloves your nan gave you at Christmas. Trust me on this and thank yourself later.


If you’ve ever been to a trade show or networking event, you’ll know that your purse will certainly become a portable dumpster for business cards and promo material in less than half an hour. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll hate it. Do yourself a favour and take photos instead: *snap snap* business card *snap snap* brochure *snap snap* logo … By the end of your trip you’ll have extra room for that beautifully packaged liquorice candy box for your flat mate. Guaranteed brownie points.


See above. Not to mention that you may want to take a cheeky selfie or take a photo of a cute tradesmen (guilty as charged!)


Decide what interests you the most and always have a floor plan handy. Also, you just have to accept the fact that you’ll miss a lot of stuff – make peace with it, plan your route and stick with it. Don’t follow event hashtags on Instagram obsessively and dwell – OMG I’ve missed that? Go easy on yourself and enjoy.


Always say yes to canapés and free Prosecco.


Unlike fashion weeks, which are essentially trade shows for fashion industry professionals, Northmodern isn’t exclusive to industry people and is open to general public, so keep your eyes peeled for announcement about its return in August.