My Top 10 Nordic Wishlist 2016

Hello Nordic Style readers!

I am excited to be blogging for Nordic Style Magazine and being able to share some Icelandic-lifestyle news.

I am born and raised in Orlando, Florida, USA to Icelandic parents and was able to visit Iceland every year during summer or winter vacation. When I reached my teenage years, my visits to Iceland became more focused on fitting in with über-fashionable, black clad, thin, tall and beautiful Icelanders – and I think that is when my interest in fashion started – as a way to fit in. Thankfully, with age comes wisdom and self-esteem (though for some age comes alone) and fashion has become a way to express myself, highlight my best features and appreciate art and design.

2016 marks my 8th year living in Reykjavík, Iceland and I can say my wardrobe is considerably more black & fur based and my polos & jean-skirts have been traded in for layers & tights. Since my introductory blog post happens to be in January, I have made a TOP 10 WISH LIST for 2016. 8 of the 10 products listed are Icelandic – showing you that there are some talented designers on this tiny island country of ours.

I hope you enjoy my Top 10 Wish List for January 2016 sweet reader of mine and hopefully you will find a few nordic items that reflect your own personal style.


1. Everything from the Geysir 2015 campaign

Geysir 2015 campaign


This lovely skirt was added to my wardrobe right before New Years – and it is divine (you can see it and my Ganni top in the opening photo up top).

Geysir 2015 campaign


There are enough blankets choose from, but this yellow one is spot on for 2016:

Geysir 2015 campaign

Geysir – Grá Hlíð blanket – 11.800 kr

2. Helicopter sweater

This sweater is so classic and cool – I love the details and neckline.

3. Hildur Yeomen dress

Tight + white + turtleneck can go easily from winter to spring to summer and to fall. Such a great base layer to work with – and I am trying to spice up my BLACK wardrobe!

Hildur Yeoman- Turtleneck dress-White Witch

Turtleneck dress – White witch

4. FUR accessories from Feldur

In Iceland, it is always fur weather. I like that this hat has a removable tail.

Feldur - redfox-hat-with-tail

Feldur – redfox hat with removable tail

I have been longing for red fur to make any outfit more rocker-chic.

Feldur - YLFA Fox Collar

Feldur – YLFA Red Coloured Fox Collar

5. Farmers Market Jacket

This I LOVE. I love the colors. I love the tweed. I love the Icelandic take on the equestrian country club look.  

Farmers Market - KLAUSTUR ladies olive

Farmers Market – KLAUSTUR ladies olive jacket

6. Marlene Berger 3-in-1 coat

I am not sure how this is a 3-in-1 coat, but I like it. I was looking for a classic pant suit from Marlene Berger, but saw this on my Google quest. I will save the suit for when I am 35…

By Malene Birger 3-in-1 PASINIOS COAT

7. Jör Wrap Coat

Jör is one of my favourite stores here in Reykjavík. I tried on this coat last week, and I must say it looks MUCH BETTER on than it does on a hanger – which I think says a lot since this picture already sells it. Paired with a Janessa Leone hat, big shades and boots – you are nothing but BOSS.

Jör - wool wrap coat

Jör – wool wrap coat

Also from JÖR – the snakeskin boots in the middle. They were featured last year at the Reykjavík Fashion Festival and I am just waiting (un)patiently until they arrive for sale.

Jör boots

Jör boots – middle – from Reykjavík Fashion Festival 2015

8. Kristjana S Williams – Home 

I found this designer when I Googled my own name…and I know you have Googled your own name too – so no shame! Then I found some of her pieces being sold on Laugavegur. I want one or two key pieces from her to liven up my apartment.

Kristjana S Williams cushion and pillows

Kristjana S Williams – Cushions, Pouffe and Footstool

While in college in Florida, I took a semester abroad to study in London – so this Globe would bring back memories.

Kristjana S Williams-Globe

Kristjana S Williams – East meets West Lundunar Kort Globe

9. BIOEFFECT – 30 day treatment kit

I love this line. It is developed in collaboration with leading specialists in biochemistry and dermatology, so I am sold. Also, if you read reviews for this brand, it usually gets 4-5 stars, so I am sold AGAIN.


Bioeffect – 30day treatment

10. BYREDO – Gypsy Water Parfum

I spray this perfume on me every time I go into Madison Ilmhús downtown. I bought the hair perfume last month, which is genius! OF COURSE your hair needs perfume! Have you ever been near a kitchen cooking bacon? Hair perfume to the rescue!

My hair smells so good that the perfume is on my wish list.


Byredo parfums - gypsy water

BYREDO parfums – Gypsy water

BYREDO - Gypsy water Hair Perfume

BYREDO – Gypsy Water Hair Perfume


– Kristjana