Danish Band Liima Open Their Studio in London

It’s not very often that a band opens it’s studio to the public, but Liima are no ordinary band. Rising from the hiatus of Danish super band Efterklang, Liima consists of the core members of Efterklang; Casper Clausen, Mads Brauer and Rasmus Stolberg, but with the added power of Finnish percussionist Tatu Rönkkö.

Liima 17Jan Residency 1

Liima 17Jan Residency 2

Liima are set to release their debut album ‘ii’ on 18th March, and spent last year completing a series of four week-long residencies in Finland, Berlin, Istanbul and Madeira, before heading back to Berlin to record the album. What makes Liima (which translates as ‘glue’ in Finnish) really stand out, is that they are very much a band that write in the moment, without worrying about the usual hang-ups of purpose and order until later.

Liima 17Jan Residency 3

Liima 17Jan Residency 4

In a similar fashion to the recording of their debut record, the band began 2016 with a residency in their hometown of Copenhagen, Denmark. Having resided at the stunning London EDITION Hotel for the past four days, Liima opened their make-shift studio (beautifully furnished by the Danish homeware brand Fritz Hansen) to the public each day and recorded new material.

Liima Residency FritzHansen 1

Liima Residency FritzHansen 2

Liima Residency FritzHansen 3

The band are more electronically influenced than they were as Efterklang, but still retain their love of field recordings and improvising with one another. For their debut album, the band incorporated a host of field recordings that were collected on their many residencies, whilst championing their ability t0 play by intuition, as the central driving force behind their work.

Liima 17Jan Residency 5

Liima 17Jan Residency 6

It is always inspiring to understand how a band has arrived at an album or a song, but to actually witness Liima create their music first-hand is breathtaking. Exploring each space with the intention to create new music, must be an incredibly refreshing and stimulating way to work, and one that I can certainly see the band embraces. If they were nervous at the beginning, it soon wore off as the music quickly began to blossom.

Liima 17Jan Residency 7

Liima 17Jan Residency 8

After hearing some tracks from their debut album ‘ii’, I asked the band how the experience was for them, and as expected, they praised the ability to be so free without any restraints on their creative process. Creative restrictions, whether budgetary or circumstantial, are often the biggest problem facing many artists, but Liima have shown the fruitful results of embracing their position.

Tonight, the residency ends with the band performing the compositions from each day to a private audience at the studio. I’m certainly excited to see the progress they’ve made over the last few days, and hear everything integrated live.

If you would like to catch the performance tonight, there may still be some spaces left, so head over to the band’s Facebook page for more details. For those unable to attend, their debut album ‘ii’ will be released on 18th March, and they will be back on tour in Europe and the UK from the beginning of March (tickets HERE).

Liima ii Album Cover

You can pre-order Liima’s debut album ‘ii’ from the 4AD store in LP/CD/Digital, or from iTunes.