Knitwear – Comfy in style

Winter is here and although it comes with a biting cold and sometimes a slushy sleet under our suede boots, it have its essential perks – full on KNITWEAR FRENZY.

We cannot get enough of knitwear. The highlight of your wardrobe during these months is with no doubt the perfect (preferably oversized) knitted sweater.

The combination chunky knit, light denim jeans and high heels is always a winning concept (and a personal favourite of mine).

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The knitted sweater is a classic and timeless piece that you can use on almost any occasion. It’s a go-to when you feel like you have nothing to wear and at the same time it can be the crown jewel to an already perfect outfit. The often minimalistic Nordic fashion is crazy about knits, but we can sometimes be a bit predictable in it’s using. Let your imagination flow and pair your favourite knit with a skirt or even an evening dress for an everyday dressed but casual look. Or, why not buy a turtleneck and enjoy the 70s vibe we got going right now. The combinations are limitless.

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The stores are filled to the breaking point with knitwear in all forms, sizes and colours. How should you navigate through piles and piles of different knits? Personally, my lead motives are oversized, earthy colours and maybe the most important one – the material.

So many times have the low price and the soft touch of a sweater seduced me! Look at the content tag, if its 100% acrylic it is almost never a good idea, it probably wont make it through the first wash. Look for natural materials, such as cotton, wool, mohair and cashmere. My tip is to invest in a timeless quality knit that you will be able to enjoy for several years.

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Ps. Don’t forget to look at the men’s department too, or if you have a brother or a boyfriend, raid their wardrobes! Menswear often has better quality and you get the cosy feeling.

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