Jewelry – Less is More

Big bold and bright in all its glory but when it comes to jewelry go for simple, delicate and minimalistic.

When getting up in the morning, stressed from snoozing too long you may skip the step of accessorising. Like eating, getting dressed and brushing your teeth isn’t enough to cope with on fifteen minutes. So can a tiny piece of jewelry really make that much of a difference?

If putting a lot of time and effort in how you want to represent yourself through style and fashion, details are an essential part. It’s the little, subtle things that reveal a true mind of style and the ability to create a fulfilled look that is thought, all the way, through. Jewelry is something personal that can say something about who you are. If looking at it from this point of view – the little things do make a difference.

In the Nordics we have a lot of talented jewelry designers. The Danish designer, Jane Koenig has been very appreciated for her delicate “love tag” necklaces below.

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You can make your necklace personal by choosing either a letter or number to be engraved on your tag. Its purpose is to be given to someone you hold dear, so if you still aren’t done with your Christmas shopping, why not give it to a girlfriend, sister or mother, or if none of the previous – why not yourself?
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Another Nordic jewelry designer is the Swedish Sophie Gyllenhammar Mattson, whom created her brand Sophie by Sophie in 2006. In her collections you can find exquisite jewelry in perfect simplicity. Stars, hearts and zodiac stones are some of the elements you can find there.

Sophiebysophie2 2015-12-11 kl. 11.56.17

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The knot bracelet is a perfect match to the gold watch but don’t be afraid to mix gold, silver and rose.


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PS. The beautiful watch is from, a brand that has roots in both Sweden and England.

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