Happy Holidays!

First of all we want to wish you Happy Holidays! Now that winter is in full swing and Christmas is around the corner some words come to our mind Glögg, hangikjöt, pepparkakor, joulupukki, julefryd.  

If you understood at least one of these words you are definitively familiar with Nordic Holiday Traditions.

If you are not familiar all you need to know is that we will probably be by the fire enjoying a delicious mulled wine while the little ones wait for Santa Claus to visit on Christmas Eve.

The most stylish of holidays!

Since you are reading this you probably have impeccable style and have all kinds of amazing Nordic Designer pieces in your closet already.

If you still haven’t decided what to wear this Christmas Eve we have you covered,  go check out our Winter Staples article or our article on Knits.

No matter what you do this Christmas we know you’ll do it in style and everyone here at Nordic Style Magazine wishes the best.

 Merry Christmas – Glædelig jul – Hyvää Joulua – God Jul – Gleðileg jól !


Photo By: Beto Guzmán Abundes
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