R/H Studio’s Conquest of the Seven Seas

Seven Seas Collection is the title of R/H Studio’s new SS/16 venture, a true visual essay of what is “Cool” in Finnish Fashion today.

Hanna Riiheläinen and Emilia Hernesniemi  head this young hip brand that has broken through in America, Asia and Europe not to mention their dominance in Finnish Fashion and the windows of the mega stores Stockmann and Sokos over the past couple years.

This SS/16 Collection is a very Nordic styled collection which has all those 90’s vibes we’ve come to love from them. From Bomber Jackets to the Mickey Dresses, shirts and flouncy hats – we can see how much they empower their R/H girls to be both feminine and rock and roll. The looks are polished and delightful, a sense of adventure compliments the Nordic aesthetic that them, like all our favorite brands, proudly share with the world.

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A sense of Adventure

The name of the collection is very telling, they are approaching fashion as an adventure. As we speak, these talented designers are having a blast promoting their brand in China, they have been all over Europe already and recently too in the USA. Just like other Nordic titans, like Acne, we enjoy to see the globetrotter approach to fashion coming from Finland through R/H.

Here are some of the pictures from the upcoming collection for you to enjoy, for more on their pursue to conquer the Seven Seas head over to their Instagram.

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Seven Seas 7 Seven Seas 1

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