Friday Fever: Iceland’s Fire and Ice

Iceland has really set itself on the global map of music with their thriving music scene. Producing musical talents like Sigur Rós, Björk, and Of Monsters and Men. All with an erupting, celestial sound that has come to represent Iceland.

As a new addition to their website, Icelandair added a music section which was inspired by Iceland Airwaves music festival. The music page includes an interview with Of Monsters and Men, a documentary about Iceland Airwaves, and an illustrated timeline showing how the Icelandic music culture has developed.

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Some of the more interesting points on the timeline include facts like:

– 25% of Icelandic students study music due to state-funded music schools.

– 55% of Icelandic albums are sold within the country.

– Iceland had their own punk rock revolution in the early 80’s revamping creativity and defining what it meant to be “Icelandic.”

Influential Icelandic Musicians:

– Björk


Orginally part of the band The Sugarcubes until she decided to pursue a solo career. She has a total of 9 albums which include Homogenic, Volta, and Biophilia.

Sigur Rós 


A post-rock band fronted by Jónsi who has also released music as a solo act. They are known for their etheral sound which is found in many other Icelandic bands. Their albums include Von, Takk…, and Valtari.



Formed in the late 90’s two men and a set of twin sisters. Their albums include Summer Make Good, Finally We Are No One, and Sing Along To Songs You Don’t Know.

-Of Monsters and Men


Consisting of five bands member from the outskirts of Reykjavik got their kickstart at Iceland Airwaves. Their best known music includes Little Talks, Mountain Sound, and Dirty Paws.

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