Finnish National Ballet – The Little Mermaid’s Costume Design

A first look at the Couture of Erika Turunen’s Artful Costume Design for the Finnish National Ballet production of the Little Mermaid, a production two years in the making.

The Little Mermaid is the new production, by Danish Choreographer and Director of the Finnish National Ballet Kenneth Greve and Finnish composer Tuomas Kantelinen, based in the fairy-tale by Hans Christian Andersen. The production itself is dwelling into interesting new grounds as it takes elements from H.C. Andersen’s real life.

We got a chance to talk to Erika Turunen in her atelier and go behind the scenes in the studio where some of the most acclaimed Finnish Operas and Ballets Costumes have been created.  Erika has a long and prestigious career and this time she is getting ready to take us on a dark journey under the Sea and the Kingdom of Denmark of the 18th Century.

The idea behind the costumes is to reflect the darkness of the story and the elegance of ballet. The dancing styles will vary from Classical to Modern Dance, the costumes will reflect the difference in both worlds and show us a darker side of the Tale.Little Mermaid

Erika took us on a tour of the Atelier and we got a sneak peak of the costumes the National Ballet will wear during their performances. The feeling of the show will be fully represented with colour and lack of in costumes that range from full Royal Gowns to sequence filled Mermaid Tails.

Erika gave us a brief but juicy look at the new story. The Little Mermaid as H.C. Andersen wrote was dark and it did not provide a happy ending to the Mermaid. In the original story she dies and turns to foam when she cannot get herself to kill and is full of melancholy as she wants to return to the ocean.

In this take on the classic H. C. Anderson actually has part, without spoiling the story we can tell you that this new telling is both a narration and an interpretation of Andersen’s hopes and dreams to be part of the Royal Ballet.

The challenge in creating costumes for a production like this are many but Erika Turunen and her team have done a great job. The storytelling through garments is uncanny and we can expect both beautiful as modern costumes that will be paired with 3-D effects.

Because words wont do justice to the design,  we leave you with a first look at some of the Art Work and Costumes for the Little Mermaid.

The Little Mermaid opens in the Helsinki Opera House on October 23.

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Photos: Beto Guzmán Abundes 

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