Acne Studios – Second Hand

Hi there!

I uploaded the above picture on Instagram because I bought a pair of Acne Studios jeans on Tradera in May or June. Something I had completely forgotten about, until all my jeans fell to the floor yesterday as I desperately tried to reach for a sweater laying on top of them.

If you’ve been in my apartment recently you know that I basically live in a closet. Not that it’s a tiny apartment (which it is) but because I have a wall covered with shelves and racks for all my clothes (plus some drawers, a separate wardrobe in the hallway and a small WIC). So, consequently, whenever I try to fetch something from my top shelves – everything, most often, ends up on the floor. And on top of that, I never know what to wear so I change outfits 2-4 times EVERY time I get dressed.. Oh, all these first world problems.

The watch is vintage, bought at the Red Cross store in my hometown Uppsala, Sweden.