Acne Studios Interior Branding Gone Right

Let’s just take a moment and discuss my predilection for spacial design and branding, particularly teamed with some of my favorite fashion houses.

Nothing helps to communicate the essence of your company’s brand identity better than physical environment. Shopping these days is so much more than a straightforward grab-and-go affair. Retail spaces are the single biggest opportunity to create a memorable impression as impeccable service, carefully curated product selection and arresting interiors create a bubble around the customer which helps to elevate the product from commodity to an object of desire. Given the above, it’s no surprise that fashion houses collaborate with interior design specialists or form in-house interior design teams to enliven their brands.

There’s a lot of buzz out there about branding, and rightly so, but what does it exactly mean and how does interior design tie into this? Intrigued to answer these questions I’ve decided to look into case studies for interior branding gone right. After a self-conducted and slightly biased analysis across fashion labels, I chose to look into Acne Studios shops.

acne-studios-fw15-campaign-1 copy

When I think of Acne Studios I think of a self-assured, edgy and so-hip-that-it-friggin-hurts person. He’s youthful in his thinking, well-read and content, which manifests in “fashionable without trying too hard” style.

All spaces below are designed by a Swedish architect Bozarth Fornell from Bozarthfornell. Boasting an already impressive portfolio, the studio works within all different fields of architecture, but their main focus so far has been the world of fashion retail. And boy they know how to rock it.

In a classic Acne Studios way all interiors juxtapose materials such as sculpted stainless steal, rare exclusive carpets and futuristic light installations. Characterised with sculptural geometric forms, glossy surfaces, plush textures and bold colour palettes each store speaks a consistent visual language while maintaining a sense of individuality.

At first glance all spaces appear much simpler than they actually are. It’s only upon closer inspection you can see the complexity of visionary choice of materials and textures, impeccable detailing and joinery, tonal graduation. Extreme love, exceptional interior branding!




“When I think of Copenhagen, as a Swede it is all about drugs, sex and naughtiness – dirty, subversive, loose, and fancy free. My first memory of Copenhagen was of its red light district – Sweden doesn’t have a red light district so that has always stuck with me. So this store is red, red, red, red and a little dirty.” Jonny Johansson copenhagen-store-3 copenhagen-store-4 copenhagen-store-5 copenhagen-store-6 copenhagen-store-7

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The store features “Giant triple mushroom” – an installation by Belgian artist Carsten Höller who resides in Sweden and is a friend of the brand.2 3 4 5 6 7


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“Every Acne Studios store has a distinctive character based on its surroundings and different elements of interior design, and reflects our belief in the artist studio as an open and developing space for creativity.” Mikael Schiller

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Paris Rue Froissart


“Let’s just say it’s not French. I absolutely love Paris, but I had to do something Swedish. Especially the colour, it’s very non-Parisian. It used to be a garage (hopefully you won’t recognise it) and when I passed this garage I was really excited about this sexy sweat shop, but I couldn’t help myself – I had to make it Swedish.” Jonny Johansson

paris-2 paris-3 paris-4 paris-5 paris-6

Paris Quai Voltaire


“Rive Gauche has long been the Paris of the creative, which has a deep meaning for me. It’s a place where so much art and literature has flourished over the years, you can’t help but being absorbed by it simply by walking down the street.” Jonny Johansson

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“I love Japan and its sophistication and was very pleased to see the positive response to our store opening in Tokyo in December last year. It immediately led us to the decision to open a flagship store in Osaka, which I see as a modern city at the edge of urban development. There’s a Blade Runner feel to the city landscape, with its expansive silhouette and sweeping lights, which blends perfectly with our store location and design concept.” Mikael Schiller













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Hong Kong

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Photo credits: Acne Studios