Photoshoot; Behind the scenes


Ahh! I love doing shoot’s! It’s my life.
Here is a little bit from a recent photo shoot that I did with such a lovely team.

The photographer Thor Elias Engelstad from Australia connected me through Eskimo agency about interest of doing a collaboration. I was very happy about it because there is always one thing I do before I say yes to an assignment, I always check out the person that connects me. I went through his work, I saw so much talent, beauty and he was very organized when it came to e-mail communication, and it’s always such a pleasure having the chance to work with foreign creative people.

We did two editorials over that day, one with Kári and one with Sóley. Everything was smooth, nice and very good team work.

One stylist tip to new beginners as stylists; Be prepared for everything – from maybe having a model with a migrane to an extra per of nude panties in your stylist kit. And of course one top thing that always has to be good! Be happy on set! People always remember that! Who want’s to work with a grumpy stylist?


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The dream team behind this photoshoot.

Photographer: Thor Elias Engelstad.
Stylist : Sigrún Ásta Jörgensen
Katrín Sif / Sprey – Hermann / Modus
Makeup Artists: 
Ásta Haraldsdóttir – Guðrún Dögg
Clothing: Ásrún Ágústudóttir – Andri Hrafn Unnarson  – Zara Women & Zara Men – JÖRbyGuðmundurJörundsson.