Norwegian design is often forgotten when discussing Scandinavian fashion in favour of the more established work of the Danes and the Swedes. Proud nationalists, the Norwegians have been actively working to establish themselves in the international fashion market and we have seen a steady rise in the number of quality designers coming out of a country better known for its breathtaking scenery and cross country skiing. The recent success of Oslo Runway and the inclusion of six Norwegian designers during New York Fashion Week have also contributed to the increased Norwegian profile.

One brand in particular which has caught our eye is GRAA. Already developing itself in the local market based of the contemporary approach to modern streetwear, GRAA brings all the goodness of the minimalist Scandinavian vibes we have come to love including tailored and slim fit garments combined with a simple colour palette consisting mostly of white, navy and beige. The collection features the use of zips instead of buttons on shirts and a selection of the designers’ own print, both of which can be seen styled below with matching bottoms. The designs are kept simple and the pops of colour add a nice touch to what is a solid collection of summer essentials.

Designers Benjamin Marthinsen and Filip Wibe, who between them have dabbled in graphic design, skateboarding and music before entering the fashion scene, have been active in promoting Norwegian design overseas and the do it yourself mentality behind the label is an inspiration for other up and coming labels showing that you don’t need to leave home to create a name and market for yourself.

Check the collection below and shop the collection at F5

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Photos by Magnus Nordstrand

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