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Childhood friends and photographers Elin Wiewegg & Per Nilsson teamed up with stylist & makeup artist Ebba Sixtensson to explore sisterhood in Scandinavian melancholy. Both having attended Gamleby School of Photography, Elin and Per manage to capture a unique presence staged in their childhood homes.

This is truly a magical result of Scandinavian talent & passion to explore the more intimate and mysterious spectrum of human existence, what drives and connects us and how this translates onto timeless imagery.

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“We are childhood friends who grew up in a small town together and bonded over shared love for photography, art and music.”


“We happened to spend some time at our childhood homes during the summer, and we wanted to create an editorial together and shoot in a small garden in the town where we grew up.”


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“The models are two sisters and we loved the idea of the gentle and yet strong bond of sisterhood and the stylist & makeup artist shared our vision.”

WieweggxNilsson_1508241 WieweggxNilsson_1508242

‘’We decided to do an editorial together to see how our different styles and visions would blend. ‘’

–  Per Nilsson


  ‘’This editorial is mainly inspired by childhood tales and we wanted to portray the late Nordic summer – early fall days, we wanted to savour the last days of summer. ‘’

– by Elin Wiewegg


Scandinavian Editorial Team:

Photography: Elin Wiewegg x Per Nilsson

Styling & Makeup: Ebba Sixtensson

Models: Clara S & Ellen S

Set Design & Floral: Karin Nilsson


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