Introducing: Journal

The Danes offer some of the best products when it comes to hitting the middle of the range price point while still offering premium quality with brands like Wood Wood, Han Kjøbenhavn and Norse Projects being some of the bigger names on the market. Another Danish label, Journal also slots nicely into this bracket and their latest lookbook for Autumn 2015 is solid right the way through with a modern, expressive takes on classic menswear.

Taking their inspiration from a wide range of creative platforms the Autumn collection looked towards the contrasting images of Sculptor Ingvar Cronhammar‘s work in Jutland, Elia, A massive foreign sculpture within the calm, country landscape. It is within these contrasting dynamics that Journal put together a collection focusing on simplicity and remembrance of past practises, while adding in the high quality features of the modern world.

Boiled wool blazers and cardigans work well with the variety of shirting options including hand printed designs, a subtle rounded cutaway collar and the ever versatile classic oxford. The casual Curve Jacket gives us a new take on the classic wool parka, with a slightly wider closing and hood. Retailing for around 300 Euro the jacket does well do offer premium quality a this price point being made from an old family run Italian fabric mill utilising a process that twists dark navy blue and black wool to achieve a shadow effect. Living in Norway I am a big fan of knits as they are pretty much a necessity for warmth, yet are versatile wardrobe options. The latest offering from Journal would be an effortless addition to the wardrobe coming in superfine Italian wool that is spun in certain way to give off a cashmere feel.

Journal is producing some solid staple options and have put a lot of effort into the fit and longevity of garments, so if you are looking to pick up some casual tailored wear that will slot easily into your existing wardrobe these guys are worth a shout.

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