Interview with our New Blogger ⎮ Sigrun Ásta Jörgensen

We are so excited to be launching our new Blogger platform, so far we have welcomed Jonas from Sweden to our team and now we have the lovely stylist & makeup artist, Sigrun Ásta Jörgensen. Born and bred in Reykjavik, Iceland this vibrant soul has been keeping very busy since graduating last year and being awarded the ‘Best Editorial and Best Cover photo” for her Final Graduation project. So we are beyond excited to get a glimpse into her daily life, work & inspirations. We got to know Sigrun on a more personal level, have a look!


Q1: How would you describe yourself and your blog?

To the fullest extent I’m a fashion lover, fashion shoots was always my biggest passion so naturally I’ve chosen a path that would reflect me. I’m still finding my language regarding my creative expression. But as long as I feel that I’m improving, I’m confident that I’ll find it. My blog is going to be about what is happening in my life both professionally and personally. It’s a very exciting path, doing this blog, a path that I haven’t tried before.

Q2: Favourite things in life (places, people, items)?

I’m a big music lover, my mornings don’t start unless I have some sort of nice tunes around me, mainly jazz. My other favorites in life, my family and friends. I feel like they are people that I couldn’t picture not having in my life, they are my everything. Experiencing the culture where I am at that moment, feeling and seeing what is happening, coming across new and interesting people. Making new contacts, and just enjoying life as it is.

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Q3: What is your perception of Nordic fashion & design?

I think that Nordic fashion is absolutely fantastic. I feel they usually have a very clean and creative approach when it comes to fashion design.

Q4: Is there any aspect of fashion that shocks you?

Well no, not really. I think fashion can be a good platform to try out new and outrageous things, I feel like almost everything is allowed. The last time I got the shock factor was after seeing some of Rick Owen’s fashion show 2015, penis on the runway! It was very out there, and he was doing something that hasn’t been done before. I loved how the media went mental over it.

Q5: Any ultimate fashion no-no’s?

I think that the whole “wearing your sweatpants/gym clothing to work” is getting out of hand. I think people should take a step back there and just put on a pair of jeans.


Q6: Any style icons or individuals that have influenced your own style?

No, I have always just had my own style since I was young. I have never been addicted to brands, I have always chosen my clothes from how they look on me no matter where they are from, and I always ask myself; are they comfortable? And; how much will I use this piece? And I’m always open for trying anything out.

Q7: What do you consider the five staples of any woman’s wardrobe?

A nice looking jacket. Sharp-looking black blazer, high heels, watch and a blouse.


Q8: Favourite Nordic designer/artist at the moment?

My favorite Nordic fashion brands and designers are Filippa K – HENRIK VIBSKOV – Acne Studios – Cecilie Melli – NORSE PRODJECTS.

Q9: What do you think it is that blogs can do that magazines can’t?

I think you can be more intimate with your readers through your blogs and share your personal experience and thoughts.

Q10: What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Best advice that I have followed since I was very young girl is that; always be true to yourself and don’t try to be anybody else than who you are.

Q11: What do you hope to achieve in 10 years time?

Having more experience in my field, owning my own company and starting a family.


We officially welcome Sigrun Ásta to our NSM team and look forward to seeing more of her many talents.

Images courtesy of Sigrun Ásta

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