Friday Fever: Sørveiv

Sørveiv is all about promoting new bands in the Nordic region and finding the latest “top Nordic music talent.” About 40 artists each year come from abroad and from the Nordic region to Kristiansand where the festival began in 2011. Many of the bands preforming are up-and-coming and some have not yet even released debut albums. It creates a really good chance for bands to get a network within Norway and the Nordic region and for the audience to discover the latest in Nordic music.

“The focus of the festival is shared between showcasing the most exciting merging young artists from the Nordic countries during night time, and gathering music business delegates to panels and seminars during daytime.”


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Some of the many artists that have preformed previously at Sørveiv are Fay Wildhagen (NO), Hey Elbow (SE), and Sekuoia (DK). Sørveiv has been releasing “Bandslips” since the summer informing people about new artists that have signed up to play at this year’s festival. The third “bandslip” was just released last week, check it out:

Artists to check out this year at Sørveiv:

Vidar Vang (NO), Mankind (SE), Blaue Blume (DK), Band of Gold (NO), and Philco Fiction (NO).

 Image and video courtesy of Sørveiv 2015.

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