Dr. Denim Jeansmakers ⎮ A/W 2015 Collection

We cannot get enough of this super fresh A/W 2015 Collection “Brutal” by Swedish brand Dr. Denim Jeansmakers. Since 2004, a denim-based family business homegrown in Gothenburg, Sweden. Known for creating classic, lasting and premium pieces with a fresh vibe and an affordable price tag, always the perfect fit leaving nothing else desired.

The “Brutal” Collection was modelled by the two Spanish globetrotters, Nuria Val & Coke Bartrina, known for travelling the world while capturing its stunning visions. Shot in the former Yugoslavia the two seem to find a silenced space filled with harsh architectural beauty. Each shot giving a perfect contrast between the sculptured nature and the cool denim & printed wool pieces presented in the A/W 2015 Collection.

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Images courtesy of Dr. Denim Jeansmakers 

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