Back to School – Outfit Inspiration

So I’m finally (?) back in school. It feels like forever ago but I’m really excited and ready to move on with my life, learn new things and hopefully get an awesome job in some cool city like New York in the future. I’m studying Global Management in Stockholm but even if you’re going back to high school, college or, like me, university the first few days are rather important. You want to look your best, without being overdressed. And, truth be told, people will judge you based on what you wear. It’s inevitable.

I’ve been scouring the web for inspiration and I decided to create a little collage for you guys. My idea is that I want to be classy, but not too elegant. Cool but not too street. Fashion forward but not too edgy. I’m thinking a shirt and pants for the classy. The dark blue and the grey-ish colors dresses it down a notch. The sneakers and shades brings a certain relaxed coolness to it and the backpack certainly sets the retro/trendy vibe.

Do you have any ideas? Help a man in need and leave your comments below!


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“Back to School – Outfit Inspiration”