ASI MAR ⎮ The Icelandic Wonderkid

A mysterious & incredibly fresh voice has emerged on the Icelandic Fashion scene now with his own label and menswear A/W’15 Collection under the name – ASI MAR. Asi Mar Friðriksson, challenges the conventional & classic menswear setup with playful prints & silhouettes. We wanted to find out more about this sudden spur of creativity launched into the Fall season, luckily we caught up with the designer to get his take on the A/W’15 Collection & future aspirations for ASI MAR.

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Q1. Who is, Asi Mar Friðriksson, the man behind the brand ASI MAR? 

Asi Mar is an illustrator and designer from Iceland. He just debuted his menswear collection in the fall of ´15. Though his main focus was on womenswear while studying, he felt the urge to design and create under the guidelines of menswear, it´s  silhouette and classical tailoring, though blending together modern clean cut with a bit of chaos.

Q2. What is the true essence of ASI MAR? 
ASI MAR, is a modern menswear brand. It´s purposed is be fully functional for every day chores but still hold on to the essence of class and yet have a certain playfulness to it. In the future the goal is to add technical and active wear to classical menswear set-ups.


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Q3. What was the aspiration & inspiration to your debut menswear collection? 

My focus was just on womenswear, since you can design clothes for women, much more freely, you play more with sizes, silhouettes, colours and so forth. In the beginning of this winter I started to get the urge to design menswear, to create in a much more conservative way. I wanted to see how much creativity I could add to a much smaller box.
Q4. How is the Icelandic market for an independent fashion designer? 
It is a difficult task. The market is quite small and when you´re dealing with manufacturers abroad, you usually need to order in bulk. To be able to survive and thrive as a designer in Iceland, you must keep your eyes and goals targeted overseas.
Q5. Best fashion creation, style or trend?
I am not able to pinpoint just one creation but I went to McQueens, Savage Beauty exhibition this summer in the V&A in London and was completely gobsmacked! To be able to see all the beautiful creations up close left me in awe.
Q6. Do you look at any specific places / spaces for style & fashion influences?
Music and movement. I usually brainstorm/daydream while walking with headphones. Then all of the trinkets and bits that have been floating in my subconscious start puzzling together and form ideas.
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Q7. Do you have any ideal muse or collaboration desired for ASI MAR?
I have my eye on a few but best to leave that for later.
Q8. What can we expect to see from ASI MAR in the future?
We thank Asi Mar Friðriksson for this wonderful interview & cannot wait to see what more this ‘wonderkid’ has up his sleeve.
Photography by Iris Dogg Einarsdottir

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