7 Places to visit in Summer – Nordic Edition

To ease your wanderlust and desire for adventures and travels you don’t always have to go far in this world. To get your summer travel fix there are lots of beautiful places around the Nordic countries that are perfect for a visit when the summer is in full swing. To help you out if you’re in the midst of planning your travels and to inspire your next adventure we list seven of our favorite places to go in the summer time!

11846165_10153246332381461_958949675_nPhoto by Siri von Bothmer 

In Sweden many say the west coast is the best coast in summertime, and there are many places to visit by the sea. One hotspot that is immensely popular is Marstrand. This seaside summer paradise is home of many sailing events so expect lots of boats, sunshine and salty sea breeze.

What to do? There’s a fortress and a little white church to see. The village itself is beautiful to just walk around in, maybe stop at a café for something cooling to drink. And you can’t miss the breathtaking views of the coast.

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DSC_5904Photo by Stephan Lücke

Porvoo (in Swedish: Borgå) is a small city located on the coast of Finland, just an hour by bus from the capital of Helsinki. You can also get here by boat, which takes a little longer but offers beautiful views along the way. The city itself is beautiful and unique and there are lots of small shops that sell locally made products.

What to do? Here you can wander around on cobble stone streets and admire the colorful houses in the peaceful and calm environment. There is also a famous old church in the centre of the city and you shouldn’t miss the Brunberg shop where they sell locally made chocolate and licorice.

IMG_3479Photographer: Stephan Lücke

If you’re spending parts of your summer vacations in Norway you should visit the breathtaking Preikestolen, also know as Preacher’s Pulpit/Pulpit Rock in English. This is a true Nordic hotspot, popular among tourists from all over the world.

What to do? Hike 3,8 kilometers the to the top of the cliff which rises 604 meters above Lysefjorden and enjoy an amazing view you’ll want to capture with your own eyes as well as to your Instagram-feed (we can almost guarantee there’ll be tons of likes!).

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140610-121013Photo credit: Kristin Maria/Pink Iceland

If you’re spending your summer in Iceland you should definitely head out to the Snæfellsnes peninsula area, which is easily accessible from Reykjavik. The area has almost all of the Icelandic classic must-sees that you don’t want to miss out on.

What to do? See a volcano, beautiful fjords, cliff coasts and seaside beaches. Also visit Stykkishólmur, the region’s largest town.

Photographer: Jonas Eriksson

If you visit the east coast of Sweden, the Stockholm archipelago is a must-see. With all it’s different islands, both big and small, we can almost guarantee that there’s something for everyone. If you are staying in Stockholm you can take the boats of Waxholmsbolaget using your regular SL Access traveling card, and if you want to go far there are lots of hotels on the different islands that offer you a pleasant stay for a day or more.

What to do? For bigger islands head to the capital of the archipelago, Vaxholm, that is a mere hour away from the city ,or Sandhamn (see picture above), one of the farthest islands in the archipelago but full of life in the summer time. In case you’re looking for a quieter place you should head to Norröra (the island where most of Astrid Lindgren’s “Vi på Saltkråkan” was filmed) or Huvudskär (far out in the archipelago – with no shops, so bring your own “fika”).

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10420200_1126803690667398_8381052428446671302_nPhotographer: Theodora Strano

Take the lift up 106 meters in the Christiansborg Palace Tower if you’re in Copenhagen. Here you will have the best view of the Danish Capital from its’ highest tower.

What to do? Admire the views over the rooftops of beautiful Copenhagen.

DSC_0940Photographer: Stephan Lücke

Oslo offers lots of fun things to do and see in the summertime and one of the best spots for a sunny summer’s day is definitely Vigelandsparken. The park has over 200 different sculptures so it offers a lot of interesting things to watch while strolling around.

What to do? Study some of the sculptures, have a picnic on the grass or play some sports together on the gigantic lawns.

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Do you know any Nordic places to visit in summer? Share yours in the comment section below!