CPHFW – Nicholas Nybro S/S16

After a young and fun collection last season located inside Jupiter club, Nicholas Nybro made the move to the main stage for Spring/Summer 2016 and looked very comfortable in doing so. If Freya Dalsjø wowed the crowd on day one it was the Nicholas Nybro show on day three that had people talking. The designer specialises in conceptual clothing and costumes with his latest show taking inspiration from the classic Danish author H.C Andersen and his fairytale “The Snow Queen”. With romantic views of Danish farming idyll stretching back to the 1950’s Nicholas Nybro created a relaxed atmosphere with soft music that went a long way to keep the audience focused on his designs.

The collection was split into two, with the first half utilising light cotton and heavy silks to make up a large proportion of the collection which included bold eye catching dresses, statement trousers and stripes. We had seen stripes on the previous two days and they were back with the Nybro’s interpretation opting for pastels and thin stripes that gave off an innocent and adolescent feel, fitting for a fairytale inspired collection. For the second half Nybro honed his conceptual skills and created wearable art that was beautiful. The skin coloured dresses stylised with a bushy straw look and raw hems showed incredible attention to detail and skill to make something like that work. To top it all off the woven detail in the hair of models was a great finishing touch in what was our favourite show from Friday.

nicholasnybro_007 nicholasnybro_017 nicholasnybro_024 nicholasnybro_004 nicholasnybro_022 nicholasnybro_002 nicholasnybro_003 nicholasnybro_005 nicholasnybro_013 nicholasnybro_023 nicholasnybro_001 nicholasnybro_019 nicholasnybro_020 nicholasnybro_021 nicholasnybro_012 nicholasnybro_009 nicholasnybro_016

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  • I feel like you, it was the best show on friday if not all together. It was optimistic, colorful and with new ways of putting stripes together in an unconventional way. His loose silhouettes . Also his mix of different materials was great.