Interview with our First Exclusive Blogger ⎮ Jonas Eriksson

We just launched a Nordic Style ‘blogosphere’ and we are so excited to introduce to you our first exclusive blogger.

Meet Jonas Eriksson, he’s our Digital Editor from Sweden, when he is not busy modelling for Nouveau Models in Stockholm or creating intriguing fashion stories. We sat down with the multitasker & fashion extraordinaire to get a first insight into what he is all about.

Jonas for EA 4th by Gustaf Söderblom

Jonas for EA 4th by Gustaf Söderblom

  • How would you describe yourself and your blog?

    I would describe myself as positive and curious. I try not do be scared of change and my mind is always set on seeing the positive in things and people. It’s hard to say what my blog will become. I hope it’ll get to become some sort of inspiration for those who read it. But I think what’s most important is that it’ll surely be a great thing for me, just doing those things I love and sort of ”putting it out there”. At least someone must find what I do fun or inspiring.

  • Favorite things in life (places, people, items)?

    I can’t live without my phone, sadly. But I do need it since that’s how I communicate with my colleagues and I get messages from friends and business partners constantly. If you can’t reach me – call the police!

    I value my friends so much, they’re my family and my source of inspiration. I’m so grateful to have so many close friends that I can do crazy stuff with, talk to for hours or just sit in silence with.

    My two favorite places in the whole wide world are New York and the Stockholm archipelago. I lived in New York last year and I’m completely, head over heels, in love.


  • What is you perception of Nordic fashion & design?

    Nordic fashion and design feels exclusive with its most often minimalistic and clean cuts and colors. Our brands know the importance of timeless fashion that you can’t go wrong with. I may be biased but I’m all for Nordic designers.

  • Is there any aspect of fashion that shocks you?

    The only thing that shocks me is that there’s nothing that cannot be ‘fashion’. Wrap some tin foil around your head and you’ve got a hat, glue some palm tree leaves on your bum and you’ve got a skirt.

  • Any ultimate fashion no-no’s?

    The thing about fashion is that it’s supposed to be fun. As long as you are happy with what you’re wearing – good for you! I may not like it but I would never stop you from wearing what you feel comfortable in.

Jonas and Ellen by Elle Sweden

Jonas and Ellen by Elle Sweden

  • What do you consider the five staples of any man’s wardrobe?

    Black jeans, blue jeans, white oxford shirt, sneakers and a grey t-shirt.

  • Favorite Nordic designer/artist at the moment?

    I love so many Nordic designers and brands but to mention a few: Acne, Studios Whyred, EA 4TH, Arethé Sthlm, Samsoe Samsoe, Weekday and Henrik Vibskov.

  • What do you think it is that blogs can do that magazines can’t?

    Blogs are in some ways more personal. They’re linked to the person writing in a different way where content is equally important as the blogger writing. In a magazine the content is what matters and you most often don’t need to feel a connection to the writer, but to the text you’re reading.

Jonas by Angelina Bergenwall

Jonas by Angelina Bergenwall

  • Which blogs do you think have changed the face of the fashion world ?

    I’m not that familiar with blogs outside of Sweden. But here I’ve heard Blondinbella was the first one, Kenza made blogs cool, Andreas Wijk brought the men and now there’s me. What I’ll do though, only the future can tell.

  • What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

    The best advice I got from a picture on Tumblr. It said “If your dreams don’t scare you they’re not big enough” and it just came to me at a perfect time. I was just about to move by myself to New York and I needed that push, that realization. Dreams are supposed to be a little scary.


  • What were you like as a teenager? Any advice you would give your younger self?

    Get some confidence boy!

  • How do you think men’s fashion has progressed over the years?

    It’s becoming more and more versatile, which is great.


We loved getting to know Jonas & cannot wait to see what his blogger universe will entail in the future. So stay tuned & be sure to keep an eye on this one.

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Also check out his work for Nordic Style Magazine