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Feminism at its finest!

It has always been popular to “say it with a sweater”. Usually it’s fun and ‘light’ stuff like “I love New York” or “I’m with stupid” followed by an arrow pointing towards the person next to you. Many times you have your favorite band’s logo or maybe a fluffy kitten on either the front or back side. The lighthearted options are endless. Sometimes, though, you might feel like saying something of actual importance. Because the reality is, no matter how cute that kitten may be, our society has flaws, imperfections that could easily be fixed.

Gender equality is one of the hottest topics at the moment, and rightfully so. Any type of equality gap between humans is unacceptable really and if you think about it, isn’t it more logical for everyone to have the same conditions and rights, no matter where you’re from, the gender you identify with or who you are? Why should one person be “worth” more than another?

Acne Studios have for a long time been a strong player in the global fashion scene. They’ve worked with unisex and what’s considered androgynous multiple times, challenging society’s norms.

Have a look at their previous menswear collection for this past spring and summer (oh darn, is summer really over?), which told a story with its androgynous, retro uniqueness. Erasing the line between male and female may not be the solemn purpose, but it is an inevitable reaction to trendsetter’s and powerful influencer’s actions. Their A/W15 collection is no exception. This time though, it gets crystal clear with bold, statement prints, pieces emblazoned with pro-women, feminist patches and slogans such as “Woman Power” and “Radical Feminist”. They strongly show their view on gender equality and their non-acceptance of current injustices.acnefinal2

If we look past what the collection says, the clothing is not really modest either. The minimalistic and contemporary Acne Studios has reappeared once again, to our delight of course. Everything is wearable, cool and impeccably beautiful. The mix of fabrics in a garment leads way to modern interpretations of classic pieces like wool blazers and coats. An overall preppy color palette enhances the feminist slogans on the sweaters as they come with eye-catching and strong colored backgrounds.

acnefinal1What do you think of it? Would you wear any piece? Have you ever worn politics or a statement that you believe in to prove a point?

Leave your comments below and share your opinion with us! Is the feminist Acne Studios something you like?

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