CPHFW – Backstage at Saks Potts

Backstage at Copenhagen Fashion Week there’s a lot of buzz that we don’t get to see on the runway or in the runway images afterwards. That’s why we’re lucky to have one of our trusted photographers Jesper Bang-P. Thortzen behind the scenes, to capture everything that’s going on behind the curtains before the big show begins.

Below you can find the pictures he took backstage before the stunning Saks Potts S/S16 show that we fell in love with.

backstage backstage backstage backstage
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backstagebackstageDeep V-necks and off the shoulder tops are our favorites for next season.backstage backstage backstageWe loved the bright  green eye shadow the models wore!backstage backstage backstagePerfect eyeliner envy!
backstageDanish top model Caroline Brasch Nielsenbackstage backstageTo be backstage at Saks Potts was so much fun!

Photos by Jesper Bang–P. Thortzen / jjphotography.dk