Wedding in the Nordics

Last year one of our lovely writers here at Nordic Style Magazine, Sóley Kaldal shared the process of her wedding plans with us via a series of blog posts. This article is a summary and recap of those articles, briefly discussing some aspects she considered when planning her wedding in the Nordics.

Bringing these blog posts back now that it’s summer for those of you out there who are in the beginning process of planning your wedding in the Nordics!

Things to consider:

Wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony of course varies amongst people depending upon religious or non-religious lifestyles. The most important is to choose the ceremony which presents your beliefs and celebrates the beginning of your marriage in front of the people you love. It is quite common to even have non-religious ceremonies. Sóley chose a ceremony which was more spiritual as opposed to religious, incorporating the beautiful ideas of the spiritual yoga philosophy called Ananda Marga and really involved her guests in the ceremony.


locations-wedding-scandinaviaThe location is an important element of the wedding, it sets the mood and is a large part of the aesthetics of your wedding. Things to consider when choosing a location are the amount of guests you expect to invite, your budget and generally the way you want your wedding to look. There are plenty of beautiful natural places around the Nordic countries which would make for great location choices.

Another thing which is greatly considered for a wedding in the Nordics and something that Sóley has considered quite deeply is keeping things sustainable towards the environment.

Wedding invites

Wedding invites should be decided upon quite in advance when planning a wedding in order to ensure that the people you would like as guests can definitely be there. 6-8 weeks prior to the event is generally acceptable, however it is a good idea to send them out as soon as you are sure of your date! Choosing a design for your invites is the next part, which is quite fun as there are so many possibilities. Sóley’s husband Jakob is an illustrator, so as a result they had beautifully illustrated invitations.


Music is a super important decision for the atmosphere of your wedding. Each aspect of the event requires its own piece of music, for example dinner music, the first dance, party music and so on. It’s important to choose music that means something to you and your partner. For the last part of the ceremony Sóley chose an Icelandic folk song “Tvær Stjörnur” by Megas, which is a nice expression of love.

Dress, Hair, Make-Up, Accessories


Finding the right wedding dress can be both a mix of stress and excitement, because you want it to be perfect. Some things to consider when searching for your dream dress are, firstly to ensure comfort. You don’t want to be uncomfortable as you will be wearing the dress for a substantial amount of time. The next thing to consider is what you appreciate most about dresses and what is going to make you feel great when you wear it. There are plenty of options across the Nordics to find the perfect dress. Sóley went with a gorgeous dress created by her friend Hilda who has her own label Milla Snorrason. Some of Milla’s designs can be seen on the webshop Kiosk Reykjavik.

Hair and makeup are other things to consider when creating your look for your wedding day. Depending on the thickness of your hair, you may want to have it up. However, it does not always have to be that case, one great way to style your hair without having to have it up is lovely loose waves. Again depending on the thickness of your own hair, you can add extensions if you feel that you’d like it to be more full. This is what Sóley did and it looked great!
There are endless possibilities when it comes to makeup, you can go for something dramatic, something natural or something inbetween. Sóley had Helen Dögg who is a highly recommended makeup artist from Iceland do her makeup. She went for a more natural approach and it looked stunning. However as mentioned, there are plenty of ways you can do your makeup and look fantastic.

Accessories can give your look an even more personalised layer and should piece together your look. Just like makeup, the options are limitless. The first thing to think about are the wedding rings, this is something that you and your partner should agree upon together. Things to consider are the amount of gold you both find appropriate, cost, comfort and sustainability. The bouquet is also something to think about and is an important accessory, but it doesn’t have to be costly! Sóley picked some buttercups from the green patch nearby and they worked very well! Shoes, again limitless possibilities but it can mostly be agreed upon that comfort should be a priority as you will be dancing and wearing them for a long time. The last accessory piece which Sóley chose is the headpiece. She went with a gorgeous flower headpiece which was made by her friend Hilda at Milla Snorrason – the same designer as the dress.

The Suit

The suit is also very important when planning for your wedding in Nordics, there are plenty of options to find the right look here in the Nordics and contrary to belief it does not always have to be a traditional black tie look. It is important that you are both comfortable with the way things look and allow each other to express yourselves the way you wish. Sóley’s husband Jakob went with a smart and creative look, utilising pieces from Danish label Soulland.

Wedding photography

One can come to a decision regarding photography for the wedding from a variety of angles depending upon the way you wish your wedding to be captured. Some opt for very professional photographs, some prefer a less traditional approach and some can even involve social media. Something that Sóley did which was a great idea, was to create her own wedding hashtag, so if guests were uploading photos she would be able to see them all later.


Aldis Pals. Ljosmyndari

Aldis Pals. Ljosmyndari

Some things to consider with food and drink for your wedding in the Nordics is the amount of food you will need, dietary requirements of guests and if you wish for your meals to be traditional to culture or not. Another suggestion which Sóley mentions, which is quite important is to have light snacks nearby.

Wedding Night

The location of your wedding night is something you should also take into consideration. Sóley suggests that doing so will keep the fairytale of the day alive much longer, which is definitely true! There are plenty of beautiful and unique places scattered around the Nordics, for example where Sóley chose – Vakta in Iceland, which looks delightful.

So there are some tips if you are excitedly planning your wedding in the Nordics. There are plenty of other options which are just as wonderful and can be found around the other Nordic countries too, it won’t be too hard to find something that fits you.

Photography: Aldís Palsdóttír