Street Style Stories IX

The existing hype about wide flares is definitely not an exaggeration. The ability to mix and match with all basic materials, or why not just choose a top in the same pattern.

To get to know yourself and create your own style can be a tricky thing. This week’s story is about how to spice up the street style basics with a colorful touch or a funny detail, to keep your own style but still be able to mix and match. In a warm week in the beginning of June I got to snap some pictures of Linn, a young girl from south of Sweden. Here is her story!

What’s yours? Send us your street style! 

Presenting Street Style Stories IX


“I like to wear mixed textures and natural colours. My style is built on basics, added with colourful and sometimes unexpected details. Here are my absolute favourites, the suede jacket and white sneakers.”

street style stories

“I usually identify myself and my style with Nordic brands”

street style stories

This is Linn’s story. Check out out previous stories, featuring Nordic Style Mag’s own fabulous members: JonasNannaSiriEllen and Cecilia! Get inspired and submit your own street style and you might get featured on our website!

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