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It’s finally summer here in the Northern part of the world and you know what that means! Longer days, warmer temperatures, days by the water and a lot of free time. Most of you will be on vacation from education or work and perhaps are looking for something to read over the break. It is more than often said that nobody does crime and detective novels better than the Nordics. Most of you have probably heard of the term ‘Nordic Noir’ being used to give the genre a name. There is a long list of talented Nordic authors mainly in the Nordic Noir genre out there so we’ve narrowed it down to some suggestions that could interest you for some summer reading!

Jussi Adler Olsen

Denmark’s prize winning author Jussi Adler Olsen’s ‘Department Q’ series is strongly recommended. This series follows the Danish detective Carl Morck through the beautifully architectured Copenhagen and through the Danish countryside.

Jo Nesbø

One of Norway’s most important Nordic Noir authors. His series which follow the character Harry Hole mainly though Oslo are mind teasing and you simply won’t be able to put the book down.

Henning Mankell

Why not pick up one of the classics? If you are interested in Nordic Noir then you have probably heard of Swedish Nordic Noir author Henning Mankell and his series following the police character Kurt Wallander. Wallander is a very interesting character due to his motivations and relationships with others. Set in the Skåne region of Sweden, in particular the town Ystad this makes for a perfect summer read.

Camilla Läckberg

One of Sweden’s most celebrated female authors. Camilla Läckberg’s books in the Nordic Noir genre are not to be missed. A few titles include ‘The Ice Princess’ and ‘Buried Angels’. She is most noted for the way she structures her work, merging parallel stories which keep the reader hooked. The scenery, just as most Nordic Noir novels, is set in a beautiful area in the Nordics – Fjällbacka in Sweden, which is north of Gothenburg.

Dagmar Lange

Lange is one of the original Nordic Noir authors, so a book from her is definitely appropriate for this list. Her book ‘The Murderer is Not the Only Liar’ is based around passion, mystery and scandal.

Arne Dahl

A 10 book Nordic Noir series, start with ‘The Blinded Man’. The series is centred around a group of characters who are all fascinating in their own rights, with their own unique backgrounds and stories. The series is primarily about mafia, power, crime and scandal.

Sólveig Pálsdóttir

Pálsdóttir’s novel Flekklaus (Spotless) is an intriguing novel written by an Icelandic author in the Nordic Noir genre. The story commences with a company catching on fire and as a result a woman is killed. The detective of the story is Guðgeir and this book follows him and a few other characters around, starting in Reykjavík and eventually to Småland in Sweden.

Eva Maria Fredensborg


Fredensborg has heritage in both Denmark and Sweden, so her novels show a link to both of these countries. Her novel series is intelligently written and formed as a trilogy, following the detective Carl Pedersen and other characters Asta Qvist who is a sociologist and Robert Strand who is a profiling expert.

So, these are some of the most talked about novel series, books and authors in the Nordic Noir genre. If you are looking for something to read this summer hopefully this list helped you find that perfect book! Happy reading!

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