Friday Fever: Festivals in the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands may be small, but they offer some of the most magical music festivals. Even though there are not many, they are surely worth their while. Experience Faroese music with their best summer festivals!

G! Festival (16-18 July)

G! Festival


Why?- This annual music celebration gives festival- goers a purely local experience. They are also known for offering some top- notch Nordic artists in the past like Sweden’s Veronica Maggio and Iceland’s FM Belfast. Held on the island of Eysturoy, G! Festival is surrounded by gorgeous Faroese landscapes, the beach, and cozy Nordic- style houses. The festival is even hosted in a natural amphitheater. If that’s not enough they even have hot tubs on the beach.

Nordic Bands Not To Miss- Sakaris (FO), Dizzy Miss Lizzy (DK), Gluteus Maximus (IS), Amason (SE), Barren Earth (FIN/FO), Analogik (DK), At the Gates (SE), Ave (FO), and many more.

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Summer Festival (6- 8 August)

Summer Festival

Why?-As one of the biggest festivals in the Faroe Islands, the town of Klaksvik is taken over by pop music and a great atmosphere. This festival truly encapsulates the sincerity of Faroese music by spotlighting the country’s premiere bands. With an attendance of about 10. 000, Summer Festival caters to all kinds of age groups, and music tastes. It diffidently offers something for everyone!

Nordic Bands Not To Miss- Roxette (SE), Fraendur (FO), Byrta (FO), Lukas Graham (DK), Tyr (FO), Marius Ziska (FO), Guns4Sale (DK), and Grandma’s Basement (FO).

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