Brand Launch & Interview: EA 4TH

Akharadet “Acky” Ekchanok might be a familiar name to Swedes interested in fashion design. He appeared on Project Runway in 2012 and is now back on the fashion scene with his own brand EA 4th which launched today.

What has happened since we saw you on Project Runway?
– I learned a lot during the show and realized my strengths and weaknesses. Since then, I have been developing them to become a better designer. I have done a couple of different projects and now I’m finally feeling ready to start my own brand.

Acky Ekchanok describes being selected to Project Runway Sweden “like a dream come true”. And although he didn’t win the competition he is grateful for the experience and has now embarked on a different journey with his own brand, EA 4th. For Acky fashion design has always been his dream, but it hasn’t been an easy choice to pursue.
– My life has been a mess at times. I have been lost and stuck working as a waiter since it’s been very hard to get a design job.

Finally, Acky realized he had to realize his dream and pushed himself, with the help of supportive friends, to start his own brand.


The name of the brand doesn’t give much away and I asked Acky to tell us the story behind it. For him, the most important thing about the name was that it would have a meaning.
– E and A are my initials, but EA is also the name of a mischievous Babylonian god of wisdom who resides in the ocean under the earth. The 4th is my birthday. When you put it all together it can also be read as “Earth” and much of my inspiration comes from the beauty of Earth and Nature, so it felt like an appropriate name for my brand. It is pronounced “Ei-ja fourth”.


On to the clothes… What inspired your first collection?
– The work of Richard Serra was the main inspiration and I’m also a fan of modern architecture with its construction and organic lines. I’m also inspired by human feelings.

The collection, which is called “Façade”, is sporty with a feminine touch to it and it goes in shades of black, white, maroon and grey. The materials vary from cashmere, wool and silk to rayon and neoprene.
– It’s about how we create a façade and walls around us to cover our fears and weaknesses. Painful memories need to be covered as we move on with our life.

The campaign is shot in a space where the models are surrounded by bricks and building materials, as if they’ve been trying to break a wall. Nordic Style Magazine’s Jonas Eriksson, who also is on the model lists of Nouveau Models Sweden, was cast as one of the models for EA 4th’s first campaign.


For Acky the ideal customers he thinks of when he designs are people who appreciate quality and details of garments and like him, love fashion.
– They are secure, sophisticated and cool, he says of his future customers.

He hopes that his designs will be appreciated worldwide one day and that he will have his own shops in the future. But before that he acknowledges there will be lots of hard work – so what’s next for him and EA 4th?
– I will keep on creating beautiful garments. I want people to wear my clothes and feel enchanted by them.

Did you fall for the designs of Acky Ekchanok’s first collection for EA 4th? The collection will be available for sale at the end of August over at

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Photographer: Gustaf Söderblom
Hair&Makeup: Louise Linder
Models: Tilda L/Mikas, Jonas E/Nouveau Models

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