Andersen-Andersen is a Danish knitwear company born out of the countries long maritime history. Cathrine Lundgren-Andersen and Peter Kjaer-Andersen wanted to create a company that celebrated this history  by using the best details of the past and adding in some new features with modern technology. The company, in collaboration with a family run Italian mill, has developed its own yarn made out of 100% pure new merino wool, which is both soft and durable perfect for the long winter months.

The Andersen’s recently gave us a quick insight into what makes them tick and what this industry means to them…

Knitwear is timeless, and also very functional. Tell us how you became passionate about this traditional Danish industry?

We were both brought up in the tradition of Danish Design mainly with architects like Finn Juhl, Arne Jacobsen, Wegner etc. Therefore it was obvious for us to use the combination of craftsmanship and simplicity in our work. Since Denmark is a maritime nation and we are both sailors, it was important for us to find, and in our case, create the perfect garment to wear while sailing. In making a sailor sweater we found that we could combine the Danish design qualities of artistry and simplicity together and produce a beautiful and functional sweater.

We wanted to make a product that we could be proud of. We wanted to make ‘the worlds best sailor sweater’.

Tell us a little bit about the ethos of Andersen-Andersen?

Our philosophy is that in order to have a good life, you have to be true to yourself. We keep everything related to our business simple and honest.

Our production is placed at a small family run company in Northern Italy. We know them well and visit them as often as possible. Our yarn is made from merino wool which has been sourced and produced in an ethical manner, specifically without using the mulling method on the sheep.

We value collaborations with people that have similar visions.

Having design and manufacturing take place locally in Europe comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Why do you think its important for consumers to care about these factors when choosing clothing?

Italy has a long, fine tradition in knitwear production. The collaboration we have with our knitter is quite unique and we feel, quite special. Transparency and good communication are key to the partnership. We know every step of the production of our sweaters from sourcing to packaging. Throughout the production, the craftsman take ownership of the garment and the result is a product that is impeccable and long lasting.

Obviously there is a huge learning curve with starting your own business, is there any advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

If we could impart any advice on aspiring entrepreneurs, it would be simply said; be yourself, be thorough, and work hard.

Being in a traditional industry and focusing on a core of seven products, what can we expect next from Andersen-Andersen?

We think it’s important to focus on a limited range and carefully add new products when they can make a difference. We tend to move slowly, and design pieces that can become staples and worn for a lifetime. At the moment, we are working on an ANDERSEN-ANDERSEN knitted scarf and hat for the cold Scandinavian winters.

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