Pre Helsinki – Näytös15

The talented designers to be of Aalto University in Helsinki showed their graduate collections in the Näytös15 show at Kattilahalli on Friday the 22nd of May, thus closing the Pre Helsinki events.

The show was filled with press and guests and the tickets that had been on sale were already gone a long time ago. The designers were not few either, a total of 22 designers’ collections were shown, both BA graduate as well as MA graduate collections walked down the catwalk.

One of the most outstanding designers was Ilona Hackenberg, who also won the Marimekko award for her MA graduate collection. With beautiful cuts she has created monochromatic and patterned pieces with an edgy unique look that women of today would love to wear. This girl is for sure one to watch and keep in mind for the future!

An Yuxi who, like Hackerman, also showed a MA graduate collection had beautiful short dresses that looked like wearable artworks. On the runway they were matched with fair skin colored leggings that made it look like all models were barelegged. The dresses made my mind wander to the those Danish Anne Sofie Madsen has made for next fall but these had an own, unique style and very much different materials as well as lots of bright colors.

Akino Kurosawa, also a MA graduate had a 90s street vibe going on in the contemporary collection that caught our eye. There were hoods pulled up over the mouth and nose, batik-like print that remind us of the cool kids of the late 90s and early 00s, and lots of colors. Our favorite looks were the blue-white-beige ones. The collection felt like a new twist on some old forgotten trends, wearable and above all cool. These are clothes for though girls.

Timo Helin (Master’s graduate) showed an interesting collection with lots of variety. There was different colors and materials used and the clothes looked interesting yet there was a lot that women probably would love to wear. Our favorite looks were the dresses and the short blue coat. Timo Helin was awarded the Näytös15 prize for his graduate collection.

A fifth favorite of Nordic Style Magazine’s Fashion Editor was the Bachelor’s collection of Carolina Forss. Together with furry shoes and pajama-like pants the models wore clothes with interesting prints and patterns. One of our favorite looks can be found in the picture gallery below.

The students of Aalto University were all very talented and we are looking forward to see what all of them do in the near future – we promise to keep an eye on all of them for you and share the talented Nordic youths’ designs in the future as well. 

Scroll through pictures from the show below!

Naytos15_Meri_Karhu-58 An Yuxi
Press photography by Meri Karhu
näytös15Maria Suomalainen
näytös15näytös15Timo Helin
näytös15Havina Jäntti
näytös15Akino Kurosawa
näytös15Marianne El-Khoury
näytös15Carolina Forss
näytös15Joona Rautiainen, Anna Sarasoja
näytös15Emma Saarnio
näytös15Ilona Hackenberg

Photography by Matti Keski-Kohtamäki