HANK | A Beacon for Self-Expression

Our visual perception is entirely dependant on light. Light enables us to experience aesthetics and in doing so provides us with an oppurtunity for self-expression which is the main element of developing our personal style. A home without a touch of personality becomes vapid and boring which takes away from its ultimate purpose – a home where you don’t feel at home is just a roof over your head. There are numerous different types of light sources available as well as platforms for self-expression, but here is a product that acts as both.

Designed by Swedish designer Ola Samuelsson of D75 Illuminants, HANK is essentially a lamp – but it’s also so much more. It’s a blank canvas for virtually anything you can think of – from clothes and jewelry to magazines and even plants. It doesn’t have one specific purpose, it’s multifunctional in a way that’s limited only by one’s own imagination.

“I’ve always been a fan of using light, the actual light and not just the fixture, as a part of interior decoration. I wanted a permanent beacon of welcoming light and I also wanted to be able to use things that I love and have in my closet as decoration. I designed HANK to be both welcoming and to be a display platform of personal style,” says Ola of the inspiration behind HANK.

Developing HANK was a time consuming process as conserving energy was an important factor as well as the capability to produce constant and unwavering light. “A lot of thought and time has gone into designing dimming logic and the technical aspects of the ligt source. I wanted smooth flickerfree dimming and I’ve achieved that using my own micro processor controlled circuitry and high spec components from the audio industry”. The final product is LED lighting with custom-made dimming mechanism all carefully placed inside a 25 mm lasercut steel tube, ready to illuminate your own vision of personal style.







For more information about HANK visit www.d75.se or D75 Illuminants’ Facebook page.