Friday Fever: Music Festivals in Denmark 2015

With the Spring season coming to an end, and summer right around the corner it is hard not to be excited for what will follow with the warmer months. Summer will bring long days of lounging around in Acne Studio’s new eyewear line, and  time spent cultivating aesthetically- pleasing gardens. But among the new fashions and foods, there awaits a season within a season that all of northern- Europe looks forward to: Music Festival Season!

The Nordic region is known for having the some of the coolest festivals in the world, which Friday Fever will focus on in depth with regards to each country.

We will begin with festivals in Denmark that spread across the whole country. From Roskilde to Distortion Ø there is surely something for everyone!

Roskilde (27 June- 4 July)

Roskilde Festival 2015

 Why?- As one of the most iconic events of the north, Roskilde, is a festival one should attend at least once in their life time. This year’s line- up includes none other than Paul McCartney, Muse, Jungle, and many more! Since the festival’s birth in 1971, Roskilde has remained a non- profit festival and in the past has donated proceeds to organizations such as Doctor’s Without Borders, and Save the Children. Even last year Nordic Style Mag attended an Unfair Fashion Show hosted at Roskilde to promote environmentally conscious fashion choices.

Nordic Bands Not To Miss- Mew (DK), Kygo (NO), Veronica Maggio (SE),  Bikstok (DK), Eero Johannes (FI), First Aid Kit (SE), Kippi Kaninus (IS), and Susanne Sundfør (NO).

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Strøm Festival (8- 15 August)

Strøm Festival

Why?- It is a week long festival aimed at promoting electronic music and its connection to cultural sustainability in Copenhagen. As a relatively young festival, Strøm, is recognized as one of the most prominent electric music events in Scandinavia. This year, Strøm’s stage will be set for bands like Flying Lotus, Robin the Frog, and Andy Scott.

Nordic Bands Not To Miss – Sofus Forsberg, Peckerhead, Erosion Flow, and System; all of which are from Denmark.

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 Distortion Ø (5 & 6 June)

Distortion Ø Festival

Why?- Distortion Ø is just a part of an even bigger festival called Distortion which celebrates the street life and party culture of Copenhagen. The festival brings together Barnt, Omar Souleyman, Soul Clap, as well as some of the best Danish DJ’s out there.

Nordic Bands Not To Miss- Anya (DK), Cashmere Cat (NO), Ukendt Kunstner (DK), Axel Boman (SE), and  Sekouia (DK).

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Northside (12- 14 June)

Northside Festivals in Denmark

Why?- Just outside of the city of Aarhus the Northside festival is one of the biggest camping festivals in Denmark. It also hosts great bands like Alt- J, FKA Twigs, Antony and the Johnsons, The Black Keys, and Grace Jones.

Nordic Bands Not To Miss- Rangleklods, (DK), Little Dragon (SE), Broken Twin (DK), Emilie Nicolas (NO), (DK), Gusgus (IS), José González (SE), and Ulige Numre (DK).

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