Friday Fever: Astrid S.

Astrid Smeplass also known as Astrid S. or just Astrid, is an up and coming musician/ songwriter from Norway. She received national fame after placing fifth in Norwegian Idol at the young age of 16. Like many others who didn’t win Idol she bounced back and made a name for herself in the music world.

Astrid was born and raised in a place called Rennebu just outside of Trondheim, Norway. She learned to play musical instruments at a young age, starting with the piano and then came singing. It wasn’t long before she started writing her own songs and by the time she was 16 she participated in the popular singing talent hunt Idol.

Astrid S. Music Debut

“Shattered”, her first single, was released in cooperation with Idol and topped the Norwegian charts that same year. Astrid S. started this year off by releasing her second single “2AM”, which has been streamed in her home country over 100 million times. She was even able to perform at the renowned Nordic festival By:Larm. Perhaps the highlight of her year so far, she was featured on Shawn Mendes‘ album, Handwritten, which debuted no. 1 on the American Billboard Music Charts.

Astrid S.

Friday Fever Videos

The video for Astrid’s newest video is filled with desert sunsets, oceans, and upbeat tones. What more could one ask for?

Even though it doesn’t have its own video yet, the audio for the song “Air” is breathtakingly gorgeous.

Astrid’s cover of FourFiveSeconds was a hit on the Norwegian radio waves! It is so easy to sing along to, and we dare you not to try.

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