Up-and-Coming Photographer Magnus Pettersson

I’ve been working with fashion and photography for some years now and if there’s anything I’ve learnt, it is to spot raw talent. That’s exactly what we did when we came across Swedish photographer Magnus Pettersson and his latest work, “Dry State of Mind”.

Pettersson is only 21 years old and has already been studying photography for a total of three years. Right now at the prestigeous Gamleby School of Photography. He tells us that he almost exclusively shoots with different types of analog cameras, one being the Polaroid Land Automatic 100.

He got the camera a few months ago but only shot a couple of photos here and there. Then he came across a new way of photography where you bleach the back of the polaroid negative. He decided to try it.

“The process is for me very new and very interesting.”

He was testing a shoot for a school assignment when he tried the process.  Surprisingly he ended up liking the photos, they were, as he puts it, nice to look at.
They are all shot in a studio, one frame with natural light and three frames with artificial light. All four images are portraits of a male model wearing a rain jacket from the popular Swedish brand Stutterheim.
“For me the pictures are strong in their expression and with the process it becomes more than a photograph. That is what photography means to me.”
Story Title: Dry state of mind.
Photographer/Stylist: Magnus Pettersson
Model/Makeup: Per Nilsson
Camera used: Polaroid Land Automatic 100
Magnus_Polaroid100Neg_009 Magnus_Polaroid100Neg_010-2 Magnus_Polaroid100Neg_006 Magnus_Polaroid100Neg_007