Seinabo Sey – the Swedish Sensation

Seinabo Sey started her Scandinavian tour on Friday in Uppsala, Sweden. It took place in the beautiful, modern venue of UKK. The lighting was magnificent, absolutely stunning and made every sung word stronger. It was an emotional and personal performance by one talented 22-year old.

Emotional roller coaster

After the first song, “Pistols at Dawn”, in the midst of an applauding audience Sey said “I’m so happy, I tried to be cool but I just can’t.”

The audience couldn’t hide their excitement either. It only took a few seconds until everyone was on their feet, dancing, clapping and singing along when “Hard Time” started a few songs in.

The atmosphere changed suddenly, just before performing “Burial” she explained that the song was written for her father, whom passed away two years ago. She said it, started singing and at the end, got so emotional she had to take a few steps away from the microphone. The emotional roller coaster was uplifting and intimate and made the lyrics clearer and even more relatable.

The concert ended with “Younger”, Sey’s debut single which lead to recognition in all of the Nordic countries and not very surprisingly found its way to American and British record labels. Yet again, we all stood up. The song was followed by what seemed like a short eternity of applause and shoutings.

An impeccable concert

In a few months she’ll release a full length album and I’m positive that it’ll be a complete, worldwide success. Seinabo Sey will most definitely become one of Sweden’s largest musical exports since ABBA and Roxette.

I’ve never experienced nonstop goosebumps, from head to toe, from the first note until the final applaud settled. Something else that I’ve never experienced is liking every single song from a singer. If you haven’t listened to her EP:s, For Madeleine (dedicated to her mother) and For Maudo (dedicated to her father), do it A.S.A.P.

My plan was to tell you what song of the night was the best but it’s an impossible task. It was an impeccable concert, with all songs equally brilliant. The voice, oh, that voice. I would travel the world to hear it live again. It’s one of those things everyone should get to experience.


After the concert Instagram was flooded with appraisals. People commented on Seinabo Sey‘s posts, uploaded photos and clips from the show and hashtagged words like #speachless.

“Thank you for an absolutely amazing concert, it was the best I’ve ever been to. Laughter, tears and so many emotions.”

sockret whom also uploaded a photo with the caption that Beyonce’s almost uninteresting in comparison.

“You were absolutely fantastic and so truthful and humble. Cried like a baby”

Even I had to leave a comment, though I couldn’t express anything in words so I just used the red heart-emoji, twice. Okay, three times.

Undoubtedly the best and most personal concert I’ve ever been to. I give it 5 out of 5.. uhm Nordic countries?

seinabo nsm

Complete tour schedule:
10 april: Uppsala, Uppsala Konsert och Kongress (SE)
11 april: Oslo, Rockefeller (NO)
12 april: Gothenburg, Trädgår’n (SE)
14 april: Helsinki, Tavastia (FI)
15 april: Copenhagen, Vega (DK)
16 april: Malmö, KB (SE)
17 april: Lund, Mejeriet (SE)
18 april: Stockholm, Münchenbryggeriet (SE)

All photos in this post are taken by photographer Brita Jonsson.